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Billfish on the FADS

June 20, 2015

Just a few weeks ago, the department of natural resources implement a FAD program (Fishing Aggregation Device) on the north of Puerto Rico at just 5 miles offshore. We went fishing on one of them on saturday and it… Read Full Report →

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Went fishing on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Spoke to the captain several times before the visit to PR, He said it was marlin season, and most boats catching 3-5 marlin a day with some tuna every once in a while. Fished for 6 hours, not a single bite or knockdown, and the mates told me that there were not that many marlin around right now. 2 out of 3 boats previous day supposedly caught 1 marlin each, but none on the day we fished that we heard of. Very disappointing to be told one thing, then to find out something completely different when you get there. They never once changed the lures after the original set out for the troll. Didnt seem like they had any intention on ever doing so. Seas were pretty sporty. I own my own offshore boat, and I for sure change the lures out several times to different colors throughout the day if there are no bites.

The crew and the captain were courteous and nice, boat was very nice and in good condition, but hard to rate that I had a great experience when we didnt see a fish all day.

Will not use this charter boat again.

Daren Pickering does not recommend Fish Caribe - 50’ Billfish

Fished July 2016

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