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Member since August 2016 Naples, United States
Thanks for checking out the Nauti-Gal Fishing Adventures FishingBooker page. I'm a 3rd generation fisherman and have over 19 years experience fishing the waters of Southwest Florida. Currently I hold a 50 Ton Masters License and have captained boats from Naples, Florida to the Gulf of Alaska.

Hey, I'm Captain Ted Gibson

Naples, United States
Thanks for checking out the Nauti-Gal Fishing Adventures FishingBooker page. I'm a 3rd generation fisherman and have over 19 years experience fishing the waters of Southwest Florida. Currently I hold a 50 Ton Masters License and have captained boats from Naples, Florida to the Gulf of Alaska.
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Fishing Reports

Apocalyptic Fishing

March 23, 2020

Fishing has been good despite the world coming to an end! We have been catching lots of sharks over the last week and have had some giant ones on the line...perhaps this is the actual reason they closed the… Read Full Report →


March 20, 2020

Been finding quite a few sharks near the beaches the last few tourists to eat, so they are extra HANGRY! Read Full Report →

Fishing last 10 days!

March 06, 2020

Overall fishing has been productive over the last 10 days...Bottom fishing has not been great, so we have not been dedicating a ton of time to it. We have had some really good days for king mackerel...been fortunate to… Read Full Report →

Will The Shark Wrestler

February 19, 2020

Fishing over the last couple of weeks has been good for Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Bonita, and Sharks. All of these species put up a great fight and are a blast to catch. The bottom fishing, on the other… Read Full Report →

Last Few Charters

January 26, 2020

We have been fishing around the bait the last few charters and working our way up the food chain. Pilchards have been the bait of choice for King Mackerel and Bonitas...Fresh Bonita’s have been the bait of choice for… Read Full Report →

More of the same!

January 16, 2020

Fishing in 2020 has continued where 2019 left off. If I had to pick a theme it would be “lots of hard fighting fish that aren’t great to eat” BUT why waste your time working really hard to catch… Read Full Report →

New Years Eve Fishing Report

December 26, 2019

Last fishing report of 2019! Fishing this past week was exceptional! We were finally able to locate some King Mackerel and have caught them the previous couple days. Some nice sized and hard fighting Bonita were mixed in with… Read Full Report →

December Fishing Report

December 08, 2019

The nearshore fishing is slowly starting to improve with the colder water helping to dissipate what was left of the Red Tide. The last couple half day charters have produce plenty of Spanish Mackerel for dinner as well as… Read Full Report →

Nearshore Fishing

December 01, 2019

Fishing conditions haven’t been ideal of late with spotty Red Tide, but we have been finding a way to put some fish in the boat without having to run out 50 miles. Spanish Mackerel have been around in good… Read Full Report →

Red October

October 25, 2019

Yesterday’s 4 ½ Charter started slow, but finished fast and furious. Moved to several different locations during the trip with little success until the very last spot of the day. As soon as we dropped to the bottom we… Read Full Report →

Nearshore Charter (PM)

October 18, 2019

Fished yesterday afternoon with a party of 5 from Denver. Caught several Barracuda and a Bonita for fun and ended up getting into some smaller better eating fish during the last half of the trip (Lane Snapper, Mangrove Snapper,… Read Full Report →

February Fishing

February 09, 2019

We have had a really nice stretch of weather over the last few weeks which has allowed us to go as far as we have wanted to on all of our recent charters. Overall fishing has been good. Got… Read Full Report →

January Fishing

January 18, 2019

We have had some poor weather over the last few weeks with rough seas and windy conditions being the norm. When we have been able to get out fishing has been pretty good overall. The full day charters have… Read Full Report →

Full Day Fishing Report

December 08, 2018

We were out last Friday and Saturday before the seas picked up. Found some nice sized red grouper as well as a pile of Lane Snapper and Porgies. We also landed a couple King Mackerel and Goliath Grouper while… Read Full Report →

Half Day Fishing

November 09, 2018

Half day afternoon fishing trip on Friday. Landed this nice sized cobia with my party of 4. Bottom fishing wasn't phenomenal, but we managed a few Grunts and Mangrove Snapper for some action. The morning trip produced some King… Read Full Report →

Halloween Eve Fishing Report

October 30, 2018

Started off grouper fishing in ~90' of water. Managed to box 5 keeper Red Grouper with the Biggest being about 31" After we were good on grouper we dropped down some lighter gear and picked off a few Lane… Read Full Report →

Fall Fishing

October 13, 2018

Fished some new spots other day. We found out where the Goliath Grouper have been hiding which was good! Snapped one rod in the process...which was not good! Caught quite a few Mangrove Snapper and Grunts as well for… Read Full Report →

Hurricane Michael Fishing Report

October 09, 2018

We were able to squeeze our morning half day trip in yesterday befor the seas picked up due to Hurricane Michael. Wind has been strong out of the East for the last several days and whatever Red Tide we… Read Full Report →

The Extra Drive Paid Off Today

September 16, 2018

Took a party of four from New Hampshire out yesterday on a 4.5 hour charter. Dayna and Andrea (the two ladies) had never fished before. We ran out to 10 miles and started fishing in about 36' after about… Read Full Report →

Half Day Fishing With Keith And Big Jim

September 14, 2018

Yesterday I fished with Keith and Big Jim. We started off the morning fishing a reef about 14 miles Offshore from Naples. Fishing started off very slow and after about an hour of not catching much other than a… Read Full Report →

Naples Florida September Half Day

September 08, 2018

Yesterday was my first charter since getting back from Alaska where I was working for the summer. I wasn't sure how it was going to go since we have been dealing with red tide and water quality issues for… Read Full Report →

Heating Up

April 09, 2018

Busy season may be coming to an end, but the fishing is just starting to heat up! We have been catching Goliath Grouper pretty consistently with the water warming up the past couple of weeks on our nearshore trips.… Read Full Report →

March 2018 Fishing Report

March 19, 2018

First of all thanks to everyone for making March 2018 such a busy month! We have been doing mostly 4.5 hour trips the last few weeks. We have been catching plenty of Lane and Mangrove Snapper for those looking… Read Full Report →

January Fishing

January 29, 2018

Went on a full day offshore charter hasn’t been ideal this month, but we were finally able to sneak out a ways yeaterday. No keeper groupers...landed several shorts. We did get some nice mangrove snapper to 16”, porgies… Read Full Report →

Offshore Report

December 24, 2017

Three anglers on yesterday’s Christmas Eve full day. Limited out on Red Grouper... Caught a variety of snapper...Got a very nice Cobia and had some fun with the Amberjacks. Overall it was an awesome day with flat calm seas. Read Full Report →

Christmas Week Fishing Report

December 22, 2017

Fishing has been decent Nearshore out to 10 miles the last couple weeks; catching dinner hasn’t been an issue as long as you aren’t picky. There are a few big gag grouper around, plenty of grunts, a few snapper,… Read Full Report →

12 Hour Offshore

December 04, 2017

Ran out to one of our further spots today ~42 miles for a 12 Hour Offshore trip. Fishing was great! We caught Cobia, Barracuda, Mangrove Snapper, Vermillion Snapper, Amberjacks, and Red Grouper. It was a nice change of pace… Read Full Report →

Turkey Day Week Fishing

November 25, 2017

We didn’t have the best tides over the holiday weekend, but we were able to put some decent fish in the boat. Had a couple good days for kings even though the sea conditions were a little rough...for some… Read Full Report →

September Fishing

September 03, 2017

Fun morning with my crew from Germany. They really wanted to catch a Goliath Grouper, but we got lucky and caught a couple Cobia too! Read Full Report →

End of July Fishing

July 28, 2017

We went out this morning on a 4 hour Offshore trip. My folks wanted to catch a Goliath Grouper, so we stopped at some artificial structure on the way out and landed one pretty quickly. They said they were… Read Full Report →

Snapper Fishing

July 25, 2017

Took my grandfather and his neighbor out yesterday. We started off the day Grouper fishing, but only got one that was big enough to keep in the 3 hours that we tried (lots of short ones). While we were… Read Full Report →

8 Hour Fishing.

July 10, 2017

Ran offshore about 36 miles with our Alabama crew Monday; found some nice groceries! Read Full Report →

Offshore Fishing

July 06, 2017

The last few trips we have done have been full days in the 30-40 mile range. Fishing has been great for Red Grouper and Yellowtail Snapper. There is something about getting out where the water turns blue and seeing… Read Full Report →

Dolphin Nearshore Combo

June 17, 2017

Ran out a few miles with my party of 6 dropped a couple big baits down just to see what was down there and within 15 minutes landed our first Goliath Grouper. That one was probably 120 pounds. We… Read Full Report →

Tourney Time

June 16, 2017

We did a corporate fishing tournament out of the Ritz Carlton, Naples yesterday and ended up catching the biggest fish out of the 10 boats that were in it. It was a friendly tournament and we didn't win anything...except… Read Full Report →

Early June Fishing Report

June 10, 2017

The weather has been stabilizing a little bit the last few days. We had the big boat out on Sunday and shot some video. We tried a couple new nearshore spots. Ended up running across a tripletail which was… Read Full Report →

Rain Rain Go Away

June 05, 2017

We've been dodging the rain and managing to catch a couple fish the last few days. We've been fortunate to land a few nice cobia as well as a couple Goliath Grouper both yesterday and today. Hopefully the weather… Read Full Report →

Nearshore Fishing

June 01, 2017

Went out yesterday looking for Nearshore Gag Grouper; unfortunately we didn't get any. Switched to plan B and jumped to a Nearshore Wreck and ended up gettting into the Goliath Grouper pretty well! Also ended up with enough Mangrove… Read Full Report →

Post Easter Fishing

April 29, 2017

Things have definitely slowed down as far as trips go after the Easter Holiday. We've been managing to get out a few times a week whether it's a charter, or family and friends. I Finally have gotten some time… Read Full Report →

Easter Holiday Fishing

April 14, 2017

Things have slowed down a bit since march, but we've still been getting out 5-6 times per week. We've been catching a little bit of everything the last few times we've been out. Lots of Black Tip Reef sharks… Read Full Report →

April Fishing

April 02, 2017

The water has been getting extremely warm the last couple of days (76 degrees). We'll see what happens after what is hopefully our last front coming through today! We have been catching Goliath Groupers, King Mackerel, and the last… Read Full Report →

Spring Kings

March 24, 2017

We caught some big ones yesterday morning! The kings were definitely biting once we got them fired up with the chum. We also landed 2 very nice Gags which unfortunately are out of season until June 1. The afternoon… Read Full Report →

Spring Fishing

March 23, 2017

Its been and extremely busy few weeks and I finally found a few minutes to write about what we have been getting into out there. We have been doing mostly 4 and 6 hour charters fishing within 16 miles.… Read Full Report →

March Mackerel Mayhem

March 09, 2017

The bottom Fishing has slowed a bit the last few days. The water has been warming up and there is tons of bait around. The Mackerel bite has been really good and once we have them fired up with… Read Full Report →

If It's Blowing We're Going

March 04, 2017

The wind has been blowing for sure the last few days with seas at 3'-5' just a few miles offshore. I called today's crew last night and gave them the option to cancel, but they wanted to give it… Read Full Report →

Combination Charter

February 20, 2017

Took out Yabba and Ryan for a 4 hour combination charter today and had wonderful time. Started off at one of our nearshore spots and had them yanking up Sheepshead left and right. After the fishing portion we headed… Read Full Report →

Offshore Mixed Bag

February 18, 2017

We have been lucky with the fishing the last couple of charters and have been putting some really nice fish in the boat! Had some big kiddos with the Billman party Saturday morning and some little kiddos with the… Read Full Report →

Good Weather and Good Fishing

February 06, 2017

We were out on charters Sunday and Monday. Fished in about 45' of water both trips over live bottom. We tried closer areas both days, but nothing was happening. We got into plenty of Lane Snapper to make dinner… Read Full Report →

Snapper, Sheepshead, and some Largemouth

January 27, 2017

Had a couple of offshore trips the last couple days. The water has been dirty with visibility 12 miles offshore only at about a foot. We have been fishing over natural reefs in about 45' of water. The snapper… Read Full Report →

Naples Nearshore Fishing Report

January 19, 2017

Started the day off by running offshore to catch bait. Tossed the net a couple times and caught plenty of bait for the day (good sized ones today too). The water was clear and as I pulled in the… Read Full Report →

Half Day Nearshore Fishing Report

January 17, 2017

I'm not sure where to start this one...I thought I was going to go out there and slay a pile of Sheepshead today! I swear we caught 12 different species of fish: Toadfish, Soap Fish, Lizardfish, White Grunts, Spot… Read Full Report →

6 Hour Offshore and Some Dolphins

January 15, 2017

Parker party of 3 onboard yesterday (repeat client). Ran out to about 45 feet of water approximately 18 miles from Wiggins Pass. Started off on anchor for the first hour. Put out 3 balloons with a variety of baits.… Read Full Report →

Naples Offshore Grouper Fishing

January 12, 2017

Four anglers onboard January, 12 2018. Targeted Grouper all day. Ended up with 5 Keepers to 27' and lost several others. We released a bunch of short grouper and kept about 20 Lane Snapper. Started off the day anchored… Read Full Report →

Early January Fishing Report

January 06, 2017

We have been out fishing the last two days. Popovic Party of 4 on January 5 and the Durst Party of 6 January 6. Both trips were from 8-12. We have been catching the end of the outgoing and… Read Full Report →

Last Day For Gags and First 2017 Report

December 31, 2016

Fishing for us at least the last few days has looked like a heart rate monitor. One day you are the hero the next leaves you humbled! We have been out several times over the last few days. December… Read Full Report →

After Christmas Fishing Report

December 29, 2016

We started off the week hot; catching King Mackerel, Gag Grouper, and even a few sharks. But, last few days have had me scratching my head. We have still been catching fish, but mostly Grunts, short Red Grouper, short… Read Full Report →

Chrismtas Eve Fishing Report

December 24, 2016

Took out a party of four from Wisconsin yesterday. Went about 14 miles South West of Wiggins Pass. We had beautiful weather and a decent snapper and porgy bite, so we ended up catching enough fish to make dinner.… Read Full Report →

Snapper Kidnappers

December 20, 2016

Four hour charter out of Wiggins Pass this morning with 4 anglers onboard. The crew wanted fish to eat, so we ran offshore to a live bottom area in about 40 feet of water. Got into a really good… Read Full Report →

Dolphin Nearshore Combination Charter

December 09, 2016

The crew was determined to go today, so we went for it anyways even though conditions were not ideal. Saw Dolphins at the pass and elected to call that the Dolphin portion of the trip and head a little… Read Full Report →

Naples Florida Offshore Fishing Report

December 05, 2016

Fishing yesterday with 4 anglers onboard about 20 miles from Wiggins Pass. We fished primarily over live bottom and worked our way inshore as the waves picked up throughout the day. At the furthest spot the bite was good… Read Full Report →

Nearshore Fishing Report

December 02, 2016

On each of the last few trips we have been fortunate enough to land some quality fish. Yesterday we were out and fished several spots inside of 5 miles and ended up landing two very nice Gag Grouper. Today… Read Full Report →

Nearshore Fishing Report

November 27, 2016

Three anglers onboard yesterday Father with his two sons (ages 6 and 10) started off the morning fishing about 3 miles offshore over an artificial reef; lots of bait was present. After sitting on anchor for 20 minutes one… Read Full Report →

Four Hour Nearshore

November 11, 2016

Two anglers onboard yesterday.  First stop was a ledge in 30 feet of water where I was trying to target Gag Grouper.  Was not marking much for bait or fish on the bottom, but we decided to give it… Read Full Report →

Offshore Wreck Fishing

November 03, 2016

This week we got a chance to do something we don't get to do very often. On Thursday we fueled up the boat and ran ~50 miles offshore to a wreck sitting in 110' of water. When we pulled… Read Full Report →

The wind continues to blow!

October 29, 2016

This week has been tough as far as weather is concerned. The wind has been steadily holding at 15-20kts. We have been sticking to the Nearshore spots that we have within 10 miles of Wiggins Pass. Despite the windy… Read Full Report →

Nearshore Fishing Report

October 01, 2016

Fishing in Naples has been great the last few days! Went out Saturday with a group of four anglers. We fished several artificial reefs and wrecks within 5 miles of Big Carlos Pass. Caught lots of Spanish mackerel both… Read Full Report →

Nearshore Fishing Report

September 28, 2016

Conditions have been less than ideal the past week with strong winds out of the ENE at 20 knots the Gulf has been rough and we have been unable to go as far offshore as we would like. The… Read Full Report →

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Half day trip with Captain Ted
Half day trip with Captain Ted
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Seth M.
San Juan

Half day trip with Capt Ted

VERIFIED   January 29, 2020
Captain Ted was very friendly and knowledgeable on where to go for the fish. There wasent a dull moment as we were always fighting...
Seth M. recommends Nauti-Gal Fishing Adventures
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Seth M. recommends Nauti-Gal Fishing Adventures
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Jonathan R.
Naples, Florida

Afternoon trip

VERIFIED   March 15, 2020
Great day on the water with Capt Ted and Will. These guys are great and put us on the fish. Very cool to end the day catching...
Jonathan R. recommends Nauti-Gal Fishing Adventures
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Jonathan R. recommends Nauti-Gal Fishing Adventures
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John S.
Plandome, NY

Great day with Captain Ted

VERIFIED   December 6, 2019
We caught lots of fish trolling,bottom bobbing, and casting. He worked hard for us to enjoy the trip
John S. recommends Nauti-Gal Fishing Adventures
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John S. recommends Nauti-Gal Fishing Adventures
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Bill P.
Baltimore, MD

December fishing trip

VERIFIED   December 1, 2019
Had a great time with Captain Ted.  He was very patient with us non-fishermen and we hit many spots trying to get hits. ...
Bill P. recommends Nauti-Gal Fishing Adventures
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Bill P. recommends Nauti-Gal Fishing Adventures
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Robert L.
Naples, FL

Half day trip with Captain Ted

VERIFIED   February 20, 2020
Robert L. recommends Nauti-Gal Fishing Adventures
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Robert L. recommends Nauti-Gal Fishing Adventures
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