Lance Fischer

Member since July 2017 Cape Coral, United States
My dad started me fishing when I first started walking and it has remained one of my first loves. I love putting people on fish!
Spin casting with live baits (Pilchers, Threadfins, Shrimp) and hard baits like Skeeter walks, etc.

Hey, I'm Captain Lance Fischer

Cape Coral, United States
My dad started me fishing when I first started walking and it has remained one of my first loves. I love putting people on fish!
Spin casting with live baits (Pilchers, Threadfins, Shrimp) and hard baits like Skeeter walks, etc.
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September 01, 2020

Well it's been about a month since my last report. Well my boat has been experiencing a great tune up,,nuts and bolts retighed,,wash and wax,,,, So today I went out prospecting ,,,SEPTEMBER 1st,,,its was on. A respectable SNOOK,,A couple… Read Full Report →

July was " hot" "hot" "hot"

July 31, 2020

Not only was the fishing hot hot hot,, So was the weather,, Several varieties this month,, Lots of trout,, Permit,, Pompano,, Shark,, Even a couple tarpon ,,fish getter charters,,looking forward to your charter,, Read Full Report →

Hot and sweaty,,WOW,,Hot action,,

June 30, 2020

Well June is over,, What flood of bookings,, A lot of fishing was done this month,, There was just so many fish caught,,, Redfish, Snook, Snapper, Sheepshead, cobia, Permit, Pompano, Trout, Bluefish, Amber Jack,, The list goes on and… Read Full Report →

I know,,I know

May 07, 2020

I know,, I just posted a report 2 days ago,, I know I said fishing was on fire,, I know I said we caught this and we caught that,,, Took for young ladies out in the boat today,, Let… Read Full Report →


May 04, 2020

Wow,, Fishing for the 1st part of May ,,tarpon,,pompano,,permit (like a large silver nickel),,large river jacks,,snapper,,mackerel,,sharks and more,,rooming our water,, There's nothing to sell ,, There's no hype,,just great fishing,,,do what my last charter did,,do some fishing,,spend some relaxing… Read Full Report →

Not the end of February yet

February 19, 2020

usually do my review the 1st of the month Or the end of the month,, Fishing this month been good,, Hasn't been off the chain great,, But has been good,, Bookings are steady , Book your charter today, Here's… Read Full Report →

Rocking an Awesome

January 30, 2020

Well January 2020 is closing out,,,and its been an exciting month,,catches have been excellent,,lots of hot action,,,this month 4yr.old little girl reeling in a nice Snook,,all the Moms seen action ,,all the kids caught ther limits,,,(sometimes dad struggles),,all in… Read Full Report →


January 02, 2020

Always the reports what can be said, Hey fishing in Southwest Florida is off the chain,, December we experienced great catches of reds snook trout the list goes on and on,, The start of January off the chain, chec… Read Full Report →


December 14, 2019

December is here,, The 1st 2 weeks brought chilly weather,, Then it would get warm,,then cold,,back and forth,,and back again,,there were day's that I had to wear long pants and a heavy coat,,burr,,Ok enough of the weather report, ,,,the… Read Full Report →

Red tide's and Thanksgiving,,,

November 27, 2019

S .W. Florida for the last 2 yrs has been plagued with with that dog gone red tide,, its puts a tremendous amount of stress on the fish,,the evidence of the fish kills shows how devastating red tide can… Read Full Report →

October, high tides and reds

October 10, 2019

What do those 3 things have in common great fishing,, Here around Cape coral fishing has been excellent, Experiencing awesome catches of large reds, Lots and lots of trout, The weather has been beautiful, Dolphins Hunting and playing,, Come… Read Full Report →

Fall is in the air

September 23, 2019

What a beautiful morning,,it actually felt kinda cold,,nuts right,, just the first day of fall I got out early,,fished for about 4hrs,,,tide was still comeing at a good clip. 7 fish total,1snook, 6 reds, the biggest 4 being 25in,… Read Full Report →


August 20, 2019

The end the month is drawing near,,kids are going back to school,,somehow time is just slipping away ,,and you may be sitting t home or at your jobs WISHING ,,come on stop WISHING and get a charter and go… Read Full Report →

The kitchen is hot

August 06, 2019

Great action today,,snook, reds, even a small King,,,the weather,,its hot out there,,if you can stand the heat stay in the kitchen lo lo lo Read Full Report →

Warm weather HOT ACTION,,

June 14, 2019

May turned out to be a lot of action,,,,snook, reds,snapper,sheepshead over all a great month...June has so far proved HOT ACTION, to outstanding,,with only catches above,,also cobia,trout,pompano, large river Jack's are showing up,,,lots of HOT ACTION,,looking forward to spending… Read Full Report →

Going, going, going GREAT

May 09, 2019

Ending the first full week of May,,proved to be a great day for charter,,snook,,reds,,sheepshead,,and jacks,,, let's go have some Fun,,,fish getter charters,,,,ITS GREAT ON THE WATER,, Read Full Report →


April 29, 2019

What a great April going into May,,,book you're next charter with Fish Getter Charters,,had a great time with all my charters this past month, and let me say Thank You looking forward to seeing you all again,,,most days fishing… Read Full Report →

Sunshine and windy

March 19, 2019

Cape coral area is almost always sunny,,but lately we've been getting a lot of wind in the afternoon,,but fishing has been very good ,,come and have some fun,,always a good time on fishgetter charters Read Full Report →

Happy new year,,,

January 08, 2019

With the passing of the holiday's going into the new year,,fishing has been steady,,it hasn't been easy ,,but the end results have been very good,,catches of reds, large sheepshead,and a few snook so far has made this a very… Read Full Report →

Is someone going into the service

November 27, 2018

The wind blew hard and steady ,,the air was very cool,,the high tide rushed out extremely fast,,leaving us with a lot of wet dirt,,but through it all we caught several small snapper,,small snook,,and several sheepshead,,one of these fisherman was… Read Full Report →

First charter of October

October 02, 2018

I know I just reported a couple days ago,,,but the first charter of the month deserves a shout out,,client first cast Snooki,,it was on,,,total 5 snook on the end of the line 4 snook landed,,,several 13-14 in. Snapper it… Read Full Report →

Wow the greens gone

September 30, 2018

Yes the green algae seems to be gone. With upcoming charters this week i went out today to find some fish,,,with several shrimp in the live well. I was on my way,,,deciding to stay close to home, I fished… Read Full Report →

Captiva pass,,red hot

July 10, 2018

A week and a 1/2 ago I was up in Captiva Pass. Red tide was the report ,dead fish everywhere it was like an Apocalypse.. Well I was back 3 days ago, What are change,,the water was clear, ,lots… Read Full Report →

June ,,it's a live it's a live,,

June 14, 2018

Warm water sharks tarpon reds snook June is alive, Here's a few pictures the last day a nice 25 in snook and the young boy got on a 30 in plus snook bright and shinning like a nickel haha,,… Read Full Report →

Battling lots of fish

May 25, 2018

May turned out to be a great month,,lots of fish,,everything from large mackerel to trout,snook,grouper,even 3ft long ladyfish boy do they like to fight,,the boat had a couple maintenance days,,but when it was fishing we were Battling lots of… Read Full Report →

This is no April fools ,

April 03, 2018

Wow,,,April starting like a firecracker,,,better weather, warmer water,,its alive out there,,,red fish,, snook,,snapper,,, and beautiful sharks,,come on book with Fish getter charters,,,have some fun,, Read Full Report →

The wind was miserable

March 14, 2018

The wind for blowing hard the waves were mounting higher,, Had a charter today with the Garling family,, Their young son Grant,,it was his 11th birthday today,, Took them back into a couple secret coves,, And the young man… Read Full Report →

Sheep and Bulls

February 19, 2018

Omg,,what a great day,,,started early the water was skinny ,,wind blowing,,large Sheep Head hitting the live shrimp hard,,,then we got into the large reds 24-27 in.,, My returning charter customer from Tennessee his name is Drew,, caught several sheephead… Read Full Report →

Where's all the water

January 30, 2018

Extreme low tides and cooler weather the past couple weeks,,kept the fish in deeper water,,been catching consistly ,,trout,snapper, sheephead once in a while a red fish ,,,no red fish today but lots of action,,,I had 4 people on my… Read Full Report →

Cold weather, Hot action

January 06, 2018

Tides are low, wind is blowing even more water out. The fishing was great,,My buddy Al and I fished for three hrs in the late afternoon. Caught several trout some legal,,sheephead,a couple reds,and two small snook. Read Full Report →

Flat water and dolphins

November 22, 2017

I had a late charter this morning The weather was beautiful (Awwww Southwest Florida )The water was flat ,,Even though we were fishing it was fun to be entertained by the dolphins right beside the boat,,,Lots of fish lot… Read Full Report →


November 12, 2017

Not very many charters since the hurricane,,but prospecting last wk caught several small reds,,today prospecting with my girlfriend 5 large reds 24-26 in. fat and long all within 1hr awesome time,,lindas biggest was 26in,,mine was 25 in...fishgetter charters,,captain lance… Read Full Report →

Bang it was on !!!

November 01, 2017

Went this morning,trolling and casting hard baits, not much luck, then using my cast net was able to get several Google eyes,,,still no action ,got to my second to last spot,,then Bang it was 0n!!! Eight red fish,three snapper,,all… Read Full Report →

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Excellent Evening Fishing w\/ Captain Lance
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Jonathan W.
Lehigh Acres, Florida

Excellent Evening Fishing w/ Captain Lance

VERIFIED   NEW  September 24, 2020
Captain Lance has been chartering and fishing these waters for years.  From the initial booking and throughout our entire...
Jonathan W. recommends Fish Getter Charters
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  Lance  Fischer Captain replied

Kathy C.
Grants Pass, OR

Half day trip with Cpt. Lance

VERIFIED   NEW  September 6, 2020
Captain Lance was awesome he was on time had everything we needed made us laugh and felt comfortable fishing and showed us...
Kathy C. recommends Fish Getter Charters
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  Lance  Fischer Captain replied

Mike N.

Impromptu Trip

VERIFIED   NEW  September 27, 2020
Captain Lance is not only a great Captain that got us in within a last minute booking, he put us on so many fish. He’s...
Mike N. recommends Fish Getter Charters
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Mike N. recommends Fish Getter Charters
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Gary G.
Dover, NJ

Great Captain

VERIFIED   May 21, 2020
Captain Lance was a great fishing guide. I’ve been boating and fishing for 30 years and have fished with many different...
Gary G. recommends Fish Getter Charters
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  Lance  Fischer Captain replied

Kelly T.
United States

Son’s first charter

VERIFIED   July 19, 2020
I took my son on his first charter and we had a great time. Captain Lance was great. He is very knowledgeable of the area and...
Kelly T. recommends Fish Getter Charters
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  Lance  Fischer Captain replied