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Still clear and flat - Snapper, Sea Bass

July 24, 2016

We went out to a few of the artificial reef sites; not a whole lot was going on there, so we pulled in our lines and hauled out a little deeper to the natural reefs. There was lots of… Read Full Report →

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Went fishing on Saturday, August 6, 2016

We did not catch anything, the engine had some issues, it was a very expensive 4 hour boat ride!!!

David Riofrio does not recommend The First Stage - X Charters

Fished August 2016

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Tim Lane (The Captain)
Replied to this review on Sunday, August 7, 2016

1. Customer provided non - functional contact information,  and requested a special departure time.  We were only able to speak with the customer less than 12 hours before the scheduled departure,  and rearranged our schedule to accommodate.
2. Customer decided,  against our recommendation, to depart at 9, rather than at 7, despite weather reports showing worsening conditions throughout the day and fishing near shore almost always deteriorating in late morning.
3. Customer showed up 45 minutes after the agreed,  modified just - for - them time, further delaying departure.
4. Anglers did not follow instructions of the crew,  and would not leave tackle near the bottom long enough to catch a fish.
5. We gave the customer just shy of an extra hour,  despite all of this,  to try another site.
6. Engine problems happen.  We use professional,  certified mechanics, and meet all coast guard requirements,  and then some.  Occasional unexpected issues are,  unfortunately, unavoidable, though we do everything in our power to prevent them.  Our crew handled the issue,  which was an electrical problem with the engine controller on one motor,  and ensured that there was never a safety risk.
7. We love catching fish,  and did get a few on this trip,  though nothing of legal size worth keeping.  To maximize your chances of getting a good catch,  follow crew instructions,  follow our pre-determined schedules,  and please show up on time.

I apologize for your bad time,  but I fail to see how we could have done any better,  given the situation.