Puerto Rico Magic Tarpon Fishing Reports

Good Tarpon Fishing

December 12, 2016

Start at 6:00am we have a some rain. Hooked 13 Tarpon landed 7 Tarpon. In one point we have a double hook up. Read Full Report →

112 lbs Tarpon

April 02, 2016

Customer want to catch his first Tarpon and he wish it will be a Big one. Capt. Francisco did a great job and effort and they hooked this Big Tarpon and landed 1 hr later. Customers was very happy… Read Full Report →

100 lbs Tarpon

February 20, 2016

We start fishing at 6:30am. We hooked 4 Nice Tarpon landed 1 Tarpon in the 15 lbs and the second Tarpon was a 63 inches long by 34 inches widE (100 lbs ) The day was cloudy and raining… Read Full Report →

Hot action in San Jose Lagoon

December 05, 2015

We had good action early morning. Capt. Randy Hooked 5 Tarpon landed 3 Tarpon. Our company, 11 years in the business, have 5 boats and we can accommodate groups up to 18 persons. Feel the Magic !!!!! Read Full Report →

Tarpon fishing has been HOT!!!!

September 25, 2015

Tarpon fishing has been on fire. Today we hooked over 6 Tarpon landed 4 Tarpon an a 50 lbs. Out Tarpon are resident and we have them all year around. We fish San Jose Lagoon and Torrecilla Lagoon. This… Read Full Report →

Love Tarpon Fishing

August 19, 2015

We landed this.beautiful Tarpon of 97 lbs. We are fishing in one of the best Tarpon fishery on the world "San Jose Lagoon". Read Full Report →

86 lbs Tarpon

July 20, 2015

We are fishing the Best Lagoon for Tarpon Fishing, San Jose Lagoon. This morning we hooked 4 Tarpon landed this beautiful Tarpon. Feel the Magic!!!!!! Read Full Report →

80 lbs and 114 lbs Tarpon

June 06, 2015

We had a great morning.and afternoon. Morning.we landed.2 nice Tarpon (45 lbs and 80 lbs) in the afternoon we landed (50 lbs.and 114 lbs) Read Full Report →

Big Boys in the Lagoon, last week

March 13, 2015

Last week.we report some Big Tarpon in the Lagoon. Capt. Carlos landed a 74 lbs Tarpon and Capt. Francisco landed 3 Nice Tarpon in a 4 hrs trip. Read Full Report →

Great Action in San Jose Lagoon!!!

February 13, 2015

In the afternoon we had our 5 boats in the water. We had some.rain.and.this.is very good for Tarpon Fishing. Between the 5 boats we hooked over 60 Juvenile. Tarpon. Read Full Report →

Lots or Rain = Big Tarpon

December 16, 2014

We had a lot of rain early morning, and in the afternoon we hit the water, fishing for fun. We hooked 6 Tarpon, landed 3 Tarpon. Our Tarpon LOVE the Rain. Read Full Report →

Big Tarpon in San Jose Lagoon

December 15, 2014

Big Boys were very aggressive eaters today. Capt. Carlos hooked 8 Tarpon, landed 2 Tarpon. One was around 80lbs and the other tarpon in the 15lbs range. Read Full Report →

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