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Low Tide Produces in Estero Bay

November 21, 2017

The outgoing tide can limit a lot of anglers to where they can fish. Fortunately, I have a boat that can draft shallow enough to get me and my clients far enough into the backwaters where the fish are… Read Full Report →

Sharks, Redfish, and More!

November 08, 2017

We started the morning in the backwaters working the last two hours of the outgoing tide. Bait was plentiful and as soon as we started fishing, the bite was on. Several decent sized redfish, jacks, and ladyfish were caught… Read Full Report →

"Cold" Front Action

October 26, 2017

Fort Myers has experienced an amazing cold front making the big inshore gamefish hungry. Bait has been plentiful with pilchards and shrimp being my go-to bait. The backwaters are holding the warmer water temperatures, forcing fish to move and… Read Full Report →

Big Fish and Rare Shells

October 12, 2017

On Monday morning my client and I were in search of snook and tarpon. His girlfriend was left to shelling on the beach while we fished. That day we landed over 15 snook and jumped 4 tarpon; landing the… Read Full Report →

Tarpon, Sharks, and a lot of Wind

October 04, 2017

Despite the windy conditions this week I decided to go scout out a few of my fishing spots. Bait was plentiful in and around the bay. Snook were very active in calm areas near the backwaters. Juvenile tarpon were… Read Full Report →

Post Hurricane Irma Snook Fishing

September 21, 2017

Fishing in Estero Bay has been fantastic after hurricane Irma passed through. A ton of snook are in the backwaters along with juvenile tarpon. The water quality in the backwaters is not the best, but the fish are still… Read Full Report →

The Calm before the Storm: Shelling and

September 06, 2017

Right before hurricane Irma came through the Southwest FL area I was able to take a great client out fishing. Our first trip was to the 10,000 islands where we caught snook, snapper, ladyfish, jacks, and trout. The second… Read Full Report →

Pine Island Sound Big Fish

July 09, 2017

Last week the majority of my trips were out of Pine Island sound. Netting good quality bait was fantastic and there were plenty of fishing spots with clean water. I admit the early morning bite was tough but as… Read Full Report →

Night Fishing for Tarpon

June 17, 2017

Nights have been producing not only great weather to fish in, but opportunities to catch large fish. Our evening begins with catching our own bait and waiting for the tide to switch. Once we get baited up, I use… Read Full Report →

Estero Bay: Big Redfish

March 08, 2017

This past week the fishing has been great with a lot of snook, redfish, and jacks around. Yesterday during my half day charter, my client caught his biggest redfish measuring 32.25". The rest of the redfish have been ranging… Read Full Report →

Estero Bay Winter Fishing

January 02, 2017

Winter fishing in Southwest Florida is in full swing with a lot of species to be caught. There are tons of sheepshead in the backwaters and make great table fare. Redfish are being caught in the mix, with schools… Read Full Report →

Estero Bay Low Tide Fishing

December 16, 2016

Since we had an extremely low tide in the bay, I took my clients to the backwaters. At the one spot we caught 18 redfish, 3 sheepshead, and 2 snook. Once the tide switched we fished the pass and… Read Full Report →

Estero Bay: Tarpon and Pompano

December 05, 2016

The last opportunities to catch a backwater tarpon are approaching, as the water temperatures begin to drop. There have been a lot of snook and redfish in the shallow backwaters. For table fare, pompano are a great fish and… Read Full Report →

Pine Island Sound Redfish

October 30, 2016

For the past week Southwest Florida has been experiencing extreme wind conditions. Fishing on the right tide with good bait has been producing high quality fish. On this trip we started early and tried to sight cast to redfish… Read Full Report →

Estero Bay Backwater Tarpon

August 20, 2016

Early mornings and late afternoon/evening trips have produced the best backwater tarpon fishing. Locating and landing backwater tarpon can be done in the afternoon, but the Florida temperatures get so high that patience is tested. An array of artificial… Read Full Report →

Estero Bay Early Morning Fishing

July 29, 2016

Summer time fishing means high air temperatures and a lot of afternoon rain. I've been booking my trips early in the morning to beat both the heat and rain. The redfish bite is best first thing in the morning… Read Full Report →

Estero Bay

July 08, 2016

Temperatures are on the rise, so the best time to fish is either first thing in the morning or right before dark. Juvenile tarpon are feeding deep in the backwaters. Redfish are scattered among the mangroves but have been… Read Full Report →

Estero Bay & Pine Island Sound

April 26, 2016

The full moon had made fishing difficult but manageable. Both trips, it seemed as if the early morning bite produced the best fish. In estero bay my client Josh landed one of the fattest, slightly overslot redfish I've seen… Read Full Report →

Estero Bay Great Weather, Better Fishing

April 09, 2016

Perfect weather, great tides, and large fish describe yesterday's fishing trip. Redfish are feeding heavy and have been around mangrove shorelines. Snook can be found not far from them either and many slot and overslot snook have been caught.… Read Full Report →

Estero Bay Big Fish

April 02, 2016

Deep in Estero Bays backwaters, we have been catching quality sized snook, redfish, and tarpon. Small Goliath grouper are being caught as well and will only get larger with time. The large snook and redfish have been feeding heavy,… Read Full Report →