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Cowlitz river steelhead

March 26, 2016

We have been knocking the steelhead out on the cowlitz river in southwest washington. We are using the best fishing rods money can buy, Edge rods made by Gary loomis. Catching these fish on 8 lbs test is a… Read Full Report →

Get your fish on in Washington state

April 19, 2015

The cowlitz river in washington is still kicking out tons of steelhead and spring chinook. There are some openings left in May for spring chinook. Read Full Report →

Spring chinook is in full swing

April 10, 2015

Caught 5 Spring Chinook on the last day of the columbia river season. It will open back up as soon as there are enough fish over Bonneville dam. For now I will chace them in the cowlitz and wind… Read Full Report →

Winter steelhead and Spring Chinook

April 01, 2015

Winter steelhead was great and Spring Chinook salmon fish is starting out the same way. We are catching these salmon daily they are the most prized salmon in the northwest. Read Full Report →

Winter steelhead fishing

February 01, 2015

A few morning test runs the other day. Yielded fog and some winter steelhead. The numbers of fish will pick up by mid February. The late run of steelhead will run through April. Will update reports soon, hate to… Read Full Report →

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