Le Dodo - Marlin Tours Mauritius Fishing Reports

540 lbs Blue Marlin

September 19, 2016

Today we started with our fisherman Jeffrey and it was a lucky day Read Full Report →

Dorado Day at "Le Dodo"

September 12, 2016

Two german Fishermen shared the Boat "Le Diodo" from Trou aux Biches / Mauritius while catching 12 Dorados in really good sizes Read Full Report →

Dogtooth , Dorados and satisfied Germans

March 27, 2016

Amazing time with our Doctor from Germany, catching some nice Dorados and Bonitos and a teethy Dogtooth while jigging. Have a look and you'll see Read Full Report →

Trou aux Biches is a great Destination

March 14, 2016

The Team of "Le Dodo" was in the northern region off Mauritius to have big fun while fishing Dorados and Skipjacks. Please check the photos and you'll see Read Full Report →

Rough weather but we've got Dorados !

March 08, 2016

We were out today with new customers but the weather conditions were a bit rough, last but not least we spotted some Dorado - Birds and followed them to catch These very tasty species ! Read Full Report →

Even more Yellowfins for "Le Dodo" !

February 09, 2016

Today we had another Long trip with a german guest, our Focus was Tomy Bank, North off Mauritius. We catched 2 very strong Yellowfins but we lost one big Marlin. The hookset wasn't properly done and after a few… Read Full Report →

Yellowfins for "Le Dodo"Trou aux Biches

February 05, 2016

Hi to All, we got today really nice fishing around Emilia Bank , North off Mauritius with powerful Yellowfins ! We changed our Marlin Lures , as we've seen Special birds above the Emilia Bank and reduced boat Speed… Read Full Report →

"Le Dodo" catched Blue Marlin and Tuna !

February 03, 2016

We just had an amazing trip with "Le Dodo" and guests fom Germany. While fishing the North we got a strike on Islander Express , dark colour, and the Marlin started already jumping min. 10 times. Then it became… Read Full Report →

"Le Dodo" has Wahoo day

January 30, 2016

We fished today the Tomy Bank 3 hours north off Mauritius Island. Sea was a bit choppy in the afternoon, but the catch was really great Read Full Report →

Le Dodo caught some nice Wahoos!

January 29, 2016

Le Dodo caught some nice Wahoos, Barracuda and Rainbowrunners around the northern islands off Mauritius. Especially Round Island was a great spot to troll around. Our guest Dr. Florisn Borutta was really happy with the catch , boat snd… Read Full Report →

"Le Dodo" review for last 2 days

January 20, 2016

"Le Dodo" catched last two days different species of fish while jigging and bottom fishing around northern mauritian Islands and Tomy Bank. German guests enjoyed the trips very much with the rod in one hand and a cold beer… Read Full Report →

"Le Dodo" catched huge Skipjack Tunas !

January 16, 2016

Our lucky boat catched 3 very nice Skipjacks ! Sashimi is secured Read Full Report →

"Le Dodo" catched one !

January 12, 2016

Jerome, the Captain of "Le Dodo" was in the northern parts of Mauritius with the french couple Caro & Chris. They hooked a nice Marlin ! Read Full Report →

"Le Dodo" goes Yellofin !

January 04, 2016

Today we were out with Markus from Austria and catched some really nice Yellowfins. Good Action and a superhappy Client. Read Full Report →

"Le Dodo" after Christmas catch !

December 28, 2015

"Le Dodo" arrived just now at the Jetty in Trou aux Biches, Mauritius, after a halfday trip with the Hennesse Family from France. You can see the happyness of the whole family after catching a nice Blue Marlin and… Read Full Report →

"Le Dodo" catched two Christmas Dorados

December 25, 2015

Le Dodo was out today for a halfday trip, with the lovely Lazarus Family from South Africa. Kim, her husband and both sons got Christmas luck and catched 2 nice Dorados. Well done ! Read Full Report →

Yellowfins for "Le Dodo"

November 27, 2015

Today morning we were out in the North of Mauritius with our french guest Jean-Luc, the lucky one caught two Yellowfins in good size ! Congradulation ! Read Full Report →

Just a halfday Fishing on

November 26, 2015

With our Fishing Guests from South Africa we've got today 2 lovely Yellowfins, 2 Wahoos and some Skipjacks and Bonitos ..... really not bad for just a halfday Trip. Read Full Report →

Great fishing day on "Le Dodo"

November 17, 2015

We had a great day of fishing with Mr. Sagara from India, catched in the beautiful North of Mauritius 1 Blue Marlin , 3 Wahoos and 1 Dorado .....such days should never end ! Read Full Report →

Great fishing and a lot of fun!

October 02, 2015

Great fishing today with lot of Fun on "Le Dodo" from Trou aux Biches. Our guest Dr. Florian Borutta got 6 Dorados between 8 and 14 kg each. Tomorrow he want to catch a Marlin, best wishes to him… Read Full Report →

Great days on "Le Dodo" Trou aux Biches

January 20, 2015

We had 4 days fullcharter after a rushy cyclone-week with "Le Dodo" in Trou aux Biches / Mauritius, lost a huge Blue Marlin after he jumped in the mainline. The Bycatch was daily top of the line , which… Read Full Report →