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first timer

January 26, 2016

Our guests from China enjoyed their first time casting experience. They caugt a GT with the help of our team. Read Full Report →

Amazing memory

December 26, 2015

To make this trip unfirgettable, we first started with trolling then did casting. Our guest was first timer in Maldives but we bet it will not be the last time. Read Full Report →

christmas fishing

December 25, 2015

Our guest went to fish on christmas and brought a nice dinner for his family. he really enjoyed the experience to catch by himself the GT Read Full Report →

Father & son's fishing trip 4th day

December 21, 2015

Our fishing trip was the last of this year for our father and son team. We guess that we will see them next year for more adventures. Read Full Report →

Father & son's fishing trip 3rd day

December 20, 2015

For their 3rd day together, our guests caught a giant travelly. It was an amazing memory because they almost lost it. Read Full Report →

Father & son's fishing trip 2nd day

December 19, 2015

Our guest went on a second fishing trip with our team and caught more varieties of fishes. Their fishing experience brought them amazing memories together. Read Full Report →

Father & son's fishing trip

December 18, 2015

We went 6h00 in the morning for 5 hours fishing trip. It's the second year that our guest come back with his son to Maldives to enjoy a fishing trip with us. This time they caught a GT together. Read Full Report →

unforgettable memory

December 16, 2015

After a long fight, our guest caught an amazing GT fish. It was the first time they went for a fishing trip im Maldives. Our fisherman helped them to catch this amazing fish. Read Full Report →

Amazing fishing trip

December 14, 2015

We left at 8:30. The rip was around 3 hours and our guests caught 4 GT. It's the first time they experience Casting in Maldives and they already plane their next fisshing trip. Read Full Report →

family experience

November 27, 2015

Our guests are first timer in Maldives. They came to experience a fishing trip as they love fishing at home. I net this is not the last time they will come to Maldives Read Full Report →

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