Coral Head Adventures Fishing Reports

2016 Mini Lobster Season opener

July 27, 2016

Woke up to a fierce thunder storm. Called my Charter and delayed an hour. Lucky we did lots of lightning this morning. They arrived and we had a briefing as this is their first time hunting Lobster. We arrived… Read Full Report →


July 26, 2016

We had a great day with two Couples the Girls started out strong catching the first fish, but the guys got it in gear and started pulling them in as well. Had a Snowy Grouper hit in shallow water.… Read Full Report →

Spearfishing Trip

July 18, 2016

Had a great group of Guys on the trip. We saw several Goliath Grouper, Hogfish (one got away), Mangrove Snapper, Sharks, and of Course Yellowtail. Read Full Report →

Yellowtail Trip with a returning couple

July 06, 2016

This couple is a returning customer. We headed out and fished an old wreck in the Gulf. We were catching fish at first drop and it never slowed down until time to leave. We had a reserve baited rod… Read Full Report →

Wreck fishing trip

July 01, 2016

We headed out off shore for back to back full day trips and found a wreck in 90 foot of water Then a shallow reef in 15 foot. Caught several different fish. Set up and had fish at the… Read Full Report →

The Smith's

June 22, 2016

I don't know who had more fun the Smith's or Us. There was more laughing and cutting up than I have heard in a long time. These landlocked couples were a hoot. And they caught fish to boot. Read Full Report →

June 15th Trip 1/2 day

June 15, 2016

This was a perfect day on the water. Lots of Yellow Tail, a fine family day on the water. Really enjoyed this family and as you see they had a great fishing trip. Read Full Report →

Short Offshore 4 Hour trip

May 21, 2016

We booked a half day wanting to hit the deep blue water. Also wanted a chance at a Tarpon. Pulled up on a spot and had hundreds of Tarpon rolling. Fished for about half an hour but no chance… Read Full Report →

Tuna Bite

May 16, 2016

Had a Couple for a 3/4 day trip. We caught some Yellowtail and Tuna. We were vertical jigging over an offshore reef in about 200 feet. Read Full Report →

Newly Weds Morgan & Austin

May 10, 2016

We started our trip with a quick snorkel spot. Then we moved to spearfish the Alexander wreck, water was a bit to stained to hunt. So back to a large reef. Speared on Hogfish saw an 8 foot nurse… Read Full Report →

The Gish family

May 07, 2016

Left the Dock it was a little windy this week. Headed to one of our spots. Set the anchor and started fishing. Pulled up several nice yellow tail. Water was clear and lots of fish activity. Seas a bit… Read Full Report →

Snorkel & Fishing with the Lazzaro's

May 03, 2016

We stopped to snorkel a large area called Western Dry Rocks, water was really clear saw a lot of fish. We then went to set up and fish. The wife had never fished before and was the star of… Read Full Report →

Kendra Family

April 16, 2016

Kendra booked a 3/4 day Snorkel/Fishing trip. We took them to a couple of great snorkel area's and a spot we love to fish. They caught fish until they were tried of fishing then we moved on and took… Read Full Report →

Spearfishing Trip

March 28, 2016

After high winds we headed out to drift along a coral ridge in 55 foot. Water was 90+ viz First dive we saw a few Grouper Hogfish and Snapper. Second dive in 35 Foot our hunters from Wyoming speared… Read Full Report →

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