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Hurricane Irma
Hurricane Irma "Hot Bite"!
September 18, 2017
Orlando fishing guides have survived! So hurricane Irma has come and gone and left us with some fantastic fishing. Like most hurricanes When approaching the barometric pressure drops extremely low, once the hurricane passes through in the barometric pressure begins to rise the fishing truly turns on. When this happens Bait fish become active and most Predators will start to feed. Along with the barometric pressure change you have an increase in freshwater discharge from the backcountry creeks and canals along with runoff from the roads and lands surrounding the Refuge. This new amount of freshwater turn species like snook and tarpon into ferocious predators. The reason why is because as the waters rise their hideouts along the tree lines become increasingly more hidden and as the bait tried to seek refuge and find a place to hide from the birds they end up on the dinner plate. Redfish also benefit from this time as well. They will start targeting on mullet and pinfish right after a hurricane and feed ferociously. So needless to say these past two weeks have been absolutely Stellar when it comes to fishing. I find it ironic that when a hurricane passes through people get fearful of going back out on the water and or wanting to hire a fishing guide for fishing trip but the truth is it's the absolute best time to go and if you're on the fence and trying to make up your mind trust me when I tell you the fishing is great and it's time to go! This past week I'm happy to report that on an average 5-hour fishing trip we are boating between 9 and 15 fish per trip. The average size for most of the fish are between 3 - 5 lb with an occasional chance at Big Fish in the 15 - 25 lb class. Two days ago I discovered a school of about 300 redfish all averaging over 40 in if getting a trophy redfish is on your bucket list this is the time of year to book that trip. With September closing out towards the end and October on our Horizons I'm turning my attentions to more of a fall approach with my fishing. This means that instead of sight fishing we will start using methods like anchoring up and using cut bait which will absolutely dominate this time of year. For the beginner and or the Anglers that have limited Mobility this is a perfect trip. I find it the older clients and or the youngest clients benefit from this time of year the most. I have a lot of days open for the last two weeks of this month and with only four bookings for October it's pretty much wide open right now which is very common during our slow season which is August September and October so feel free to call at any time or email me so that we can book a trip and get you out there and show you what Florida is all about.
August 16th Report
August 16th Report
August 16, 2017
As a full time fishing guide for the last 14 years in the Orlando area, I have continued to try and polish my skills and understand the fish we are targeting. Every species of fish has it’s own favorite food and how it likes to eat it. This information makes the difference in fishing and catching. For instance, the Redfish and Black Drum are cousins and yes you can catch both of mostly the same bait but NOT REALLY. The Black Drum will actually eat more often on a particular Redfish bait when when presented and treated differently. I can’t tell my secret here on this blog but trust me there is a difference when done this certain way. A good guide will know this technique and the others are still learning. The same goes for Snook and Tarpon, theres just a few differences in the 2 fish and if you know the secret you will catch more fish than the other guide. So in closing it’s very important to do the research and ask lots of questions. Now as far as how the bite is and how good the fishing is right now… lets move on to the report. Red fishing has picked up for the smaller slot sized fish averaging in the 24-28 inch range. Small Tarpon are all over the place in the back country and ditch run offs. Snook are here but man it’s been tough putting up with the bitting gnats trying to catch one. Sea Trout have slowed down some but most areas are still producing a few good ones. Grey Snapper has been hot and well worth the time if your looking to take some home. So to wrap it up and get back out fishing, remember looking for a great fishing guide in Orlando Florida is just a phone call away.
Black Drumming
Black Drumming
May 8, 2017
Orlando Fishing Charter - Fishing Charters near Orlando Fl and private fishing trips in the Orlando Fl area fishing report. May 9th - 2017 Report from the World Famous Mosquito Lagoon. This week was awesome! we started out catching Sea Trout after Sea Trout, I mean the bite is just on fire!!! Yesterday started out the same, catching a ton of Trout first thing but then we moved off to explore and or look for new fishing when I discover a huge school of Black Drum. Once I shut down and poled over to the school the fish settled down and we just killed it! These were hands down the happiest fish I've seen in many weeks. I don't know if they were just super hungry or these fish hadn't seen a boat in a while. Either way, it was an amazing 2 hours of fishing. We ended up catching about 15 fish on both live shrimp and soft plastic baits. The month of May starts the beginning of Tarpon season for us here on the Space Coast and Orlando Fishing Charter. Huge Redfish will return to the flats as well and start the late spring spawn. Snook fishing turns up a notch as they fire up on the live mullet schools gathering on the flats. Black Drum fishing however will slow down once the water warms up to around 80 degrees and the crabs move out to deeper water spots. I'm looking forward to an awesome summer run and hope the bite continues strong this year. So far so good and I'm happy to say that the nasty brown tide we were stuck with last year is long gone now and the fishing has bounced right back. So if your looking at an Orlando Fishing Charter or a guided fishing trip near Orlando Fl. Call me today and I would love to set you up on an awesome fishing trip!
Orlando Florida Fishing Trips
Orlando Florida Fishing Trips
February 20, 2017
Orlando Florida Fishing Trips I'm happy to report that the last two weeks have been simply phenomenal fishing. From redfish schools tailing and fining early morning to massive groups of black drum in shallow water waiting for us to sight cast to them. Sea trout fishing has picked up as well in deeper spots eager to take live shrimp under popping corks. Right now Orlando fishing trips can't be any better with this perfect weather and calm wind. If I could freeze time so that every single fishing trip for the rest of my career could be like these last two weeks let me tell you I would. On average we are catching 5 - 10 redfish from 2 to 6 pounds, 7 - 10 black drum from 8 to 15 pounds and 7 to 10 sea trout at 1 to 5 pounds per trip. 20 to 40 fish days are not uncommon right now and should remain this way for the next several weeks as I don't see any reason or major changes in the forecast for the future. Spring break is approaching quickly and this means the bookings will start getting out of control therefore fewer days will be available. My suggestion is and I don't mean to sound like a pushy car salesman but if you're looking to book in March or April it is imperative to do so very soon while spots are still available. Spring break in Orlando is very popular in these months and Orlando fishing trips book very quickly. Here are a few photos with some video clips I've put together from the past 2 weeks. This is the best time of year for kids and beginners due to the fact that the fishing is just so easy right now I hope to see you soon please call me text me or email me with any questions or comments and I'd love to get you out on the water for a day's fishing.
Tom Carver
Orlando, Florida, United States
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