Caribbean Fishing Academy Charters Fishing Reports

70 Inch White Marlin

February 03, 2018

Although seas are a little rough, the fishing has been pretty consistent. We are experiencing cold fronts, btw, a cold front for us is like 75-79 degrees in temperature! What a cold front do bring is high winds up… Read Full Report →

TUNA Run @ San Juan Puerto Rico

August 22, 2017

Love Tuna fishing? Now is the time. We arr experiencing a very active activity of Yellowfin Tuna and Skip Jack Tunas on the North shore of the island. Congratulations thank Son Ben and Mom Laurie from Massachusetts for capitalizing… Read Full Report →


August 21, 2017

Great bite today and throughout this week guys! If you hapen to be on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Puerto Rco, now is your chancs to capitalize on a trophy catch like the one shown here. We just can't… Read Full Report →


August 07, 2017

"A photo is worth a thousand words...". That is exactly what Freshwater Flyfisherman Jordan from NC gain after an epic fight against a Monster Tarpon that is estimated at over 100 lbs. and the extraordinary fact that it was… Read Full Report →

Young Gun from Fresh to Salt Water Fishi

August 05, 2017

Great action this morning. We've been experience lots of action around the tides, nevertheless; the incidental bites from there have been pretty slow. Thankfully, the fsh that have been biting though have been quality fish, some of them giving… Read Full Report →

Great Action so is a Good Time to Go Out

July 31, 2017

Things are still looking promising for accomplishing trophy catches. Our guests are getting great chances to capitalize on big and even monster fish stikes. This is what the Anello family was able to experience with us yesterday morning. Ed… Read Full Report →

Father and Son with Big Catches

July 30, 2017

Father and Son building Fishtorical memories together as one. Congratulations to Royce and his Son Adam for a magnificent two day outing with us. They where able to land quaity fish. See photos! Next time we should get the… Read Full Report →

EPIC Trophy Bite on a Half Day Trip

June 01, 2017

Epic bite with Trophies Read Full Report →

MEGA Mixed Bag Bite

May 29, 2017

Great action this morning. We are averaging over 10 bites an outing with species like Tarpon, Jack Crevalle, Tripletails and MONSTER SNOOKS. Looking to catch a trophy fish?!?! Welcome aboard and lets build FISHTORICAL memories together as one. Congratulations… Read Full Report →


May 29, 2017

Great action all day long. Looking to land a trophy fish? Welcome aboard and lets build a FISHTORICAL memory together as one. Congratulations to Mother Jaime and her two Sons Dylan and Jordan for such great Trophy Fish catches.… Read Full Report →

Hammerhead Time!

May 16, 2017

Great outing today with an extraordinary catch. Great conditions have allowed us to maximize options, therefore; allowing us to put our guests on species like Hammerhead Sharks. Wekcome aboard and have a great time! Congratulations to Father Felipe for… Read Full Report →

Great Mahi Mahi FAD Action @ San Juan PR

May 07, 2017

We are still experiencing a great Dolphinfish action throughout the North Shore of Puerto Rico. Since our Captain Luis Burgos, is part of the PR FAD (Fish Aggreating Device) System's three men Crew, we have been able to closely… Read Full Report →

Mahi Mahi Fishing [email protected] Juan, PR

April 29, 2017

Great Mahi Mahi action @ San Juan Puerto Rico. We are still experiencing good Dolphinfish catches around our coasts. Join us aboard and enjoy a great day on the water. Gracias amigos; Caribbean Fishing Academy Charters "Building Fishtorical Memories… Read Full Report →

The Wow Tarpon Fishing Factor

April 13, 2017

Family quality time aboard. The Heartmanshenn family decided to extend their Cruise ship vacation activities with our service, while docking at San Juan Bay, PR. They thought that it was going to be a nice thing to do but… Read Full Report →

Great Big and Monster Bite @ San Juan PR

April 12, 2017

The Big Tarpon bite is on at San Juan Bay, Puerto Rico. See all our recent reports. Let's built great fishing memories together, join us and let's make it happen. Openings are limited so book us today. Gracias amigos;… Read Full Report →

Mahi Mahi Mega Bite

April 10, 2017

Great Big Mahi Mahi bite action. The Dolphinfish is still present @ San Juan Puerto Rico waters. We are Very happy to still see them around and not only that, they are turning to be quality fish too. We… Read Full Report →

Quality Tarpon Bite @ San Juan Bay, PR

April 10, 2017

Grateful for such a quality bite and catches throughout April. Today was not the exception although this afternoon started with a slow bite, our guest was able to experience what it takes to land a monster Tarpon right 2… Read Full Report →

Big Snook Fishing Action @ San Juan Bay

March 31, 2017

Great Big Snook bite @ San Juan Bay, Puerto Rico. See photos! Congratulations to the entire Lunds Family for landing a San Juan Bay's Grand Slam composed of a Tarpon, a Big Snook and a Jack Crvalle. Gracias amigos;… Read Full Report →

Big Tarpon Bite @ San Juan, Puerto Rico

March 30, 2017

Imagine a chance to land multiple fish of a lifetime on the same day @ fishing grounds where the history of the New World began, with plenty of edifications with over 500 years that are considered a master piece… Read Full Report →

Monster Tarpon Bite @ San Juan Bay, PR

March 24, 2017

Great Big Tarpon action. It's an excellent time to come aboard and target that trophy or fish of a lifetime. So far, we have seen a steady Tarpon bite, one that has been producing heavy weights. Today was not… Read Full Report →

Monster Tarpon & Jacks @ San Juan Bay

March 22, 2017

Steady patterns are once again confirmed. It is time to come aboard and target trophy fish with us. See photos :) With fights exceeding 45 minutes with intense and amazing jumping action, we have been guiding our guests for… Read Full Report →

Pro Ironman vs San Juan Bay's Big Fish

March 20, 2017

We are experiencing a great Big Tarpon bite. A steady weather condition pattern have lead the way to spots on our unique World Class fishing grounds for Monster Tarpons. Welcome aboard and gain a great chance in landing a… Read Full Report →

Great Mix Bag Quality Action

March 18, 2017

We are experiencing great and steady inshore action. It's a good time to come out and go for a quality grand slam which may consist of big Tarpon, Snook, Jack Crevalle or King Mackerel. They are all being caught,… Read Full Report →

Hot Snook Bite for Football Players

March 09, 2017

Great Snook Bite. We manage today to capitalize on a hot high tide bite today. We went 4/4 on Snook. Two of them 23" and 26", big enough to keep according to regulations. The Slot size on Snook in… Read Full Report →

Inshore & Offshore Pay Day

February 15, 2017

Inshore fishing was a little slow today with a pretty nice Jack Crevalle but that combine with excellent sea conditions made it an easy decision, so Offshore we went and with a great outcome. Jaime from Chile was able… Read Full Report →

Catching Class @ San Juan PR

February 14, 2017

We are offering fishing classes to local anglers. Inshore and offshore techniques are being shared through our hands on curriculum. It offers the chance to not only learn the ropes but the spots and ways to produce great catches.… Read Full Report →

A Royalty Bite Day

February 12, 2017

Great Bay fishing conditions with amazing sunny skies today. The royalty Bite today was present during our last outing. Silver Kings and King Mackerels where the norm today. Congratulations Ron and Cara for your nice catches and may the… Read Full Report →

HOT Sailfish Bite @ San Juan Puerto Rico

February 10, 2017

We finally began to have great marine conditions and with that a great Sailfish bite has emerge. For how long? We just will recommend that you can make it out here with us asap :). A little slow today… Read Full Report →

Consistent Bite in San Juan Bay

February 03, 2017

Considering going fishing? It's definitely favorable. The Weather and Bay conditions are boosting the bite, producing great moments with consistent action for our guest Anglers. Call us today and enjoy a quality outing and more aboard. Congratulations to Bob… Read Full Report →

The Bite is On

February 02, 2017

Our guests have been experiencing a great bite in the Bay for both Tarpon and King Mackerel. In a typical 4 hour session, we are experiencing an average of 7- 9 good bites. This morning, Nate, was able to… Read Full Report →

On the Magic Hour

January 27, 2017

Kingfish are ruling the San Juan Bay system. Fortunately, our guest anglers have been able to capitalize on that bite. We have made the proper adjustments to maximize their chances of landing them, as we mantain the odds up… Read Full Report →

The Vanhoose Family Hooked Up

January 25, 2017

Great consistent action today for the entire Vanhoose family due to a steady high preassure throughout the Caribbean. Under clear blue skys, flat seas, with temperatures around the 79 -82 degrees with plenty of soothing sea breeze; they manage… Read Full Report →

Amazing Bite Action

January 24, 2017

Great time to be out here. Our fishing grounds are simply exploting with great bite action for us. We have been keying in the pattern and are experiencing great activity. The bite has been so consistent that the fish… Read Full Report →

Extremely Hot Bite: 17 Bites, 14 Landed

January 23, 2017

Excellent marine and weather conditions throughout the Caribbean. A high and steady high preassure is turning the fish to bite consistently through our fishing outings. Guest are simply having a great time. With a super Hot bite, with quality… Read Full Report →

Quality Time Quality Catches

January 15, 2017

Extreme conditions with excellent catches was today's norm from which we are grateful. With three intense 10 minute scattered showers throughout the morning, Kevin and Randy where able to capitalize on great catches today in confort since our tournament… Read Full Report →

Fort & Eco Fishing 100% Hook Up Payday

January 14, 2017

Windy and some showers conditions did not stop Kaitlin and Kevin from enyoing their Fort & Eco Fishing package to the max. As they where experiencing what the San Juan Bay has to offer, they manage to go 1/1… Read Full Report →

Grand Slam with 100% Hook Up Ratio

January 13, 2017

We are experiencing a low preassure through out the Caribbean but it is at a steady pace, producing great action along with nice cool and very confortable conditions for an enjoyable fishing day full of Caribbean flare. The results… Read Full Report →

Great Morning Bite

January 12, 2017

A clear morning the mayority of the time, with sudden 30 plus mph winds and a few showers here and there, didn't prevent Clemente and his brother in law to capitalize on over eight bites which two of them… Read Full Report →


January 05, 2017

We have been experiencing great action and monster catches but today was simply epic. With 14 very aggresive rod bending action (on just 4 hours of fishing) with species like King Mackerel, Tarpon, Jack Crevalle, Snook and some others… Read Full Report →

HOT Bite with MONSTER Snooks

January 04, 2017

As the weather has improve, so has the bite. Fish are really humgry now on the turns of the tides. It's getting hot out here, so if you where trying to maximize your chances on landing great catches like… Read Full Report →

Banana Myth BUSTED with TARPON

January 03, 2017

The San Juan Bay is getting back to normal. With the pass of a prolong Cold Front around the Caribbean, fishing on our grounds are getting now back in track. Slow starts with great endings with quailty fish have… Read Full Report →

Monster Jack Fest

January 02, 2017

Weather is steady, the Moon phase is favorable, quality live baits in big numbers (Big Greenies Sardines) are present, therefore; improving the odds on catching big fish on the San Juan Bay. With the right tide and attitude, 15… Read Full Report →

9 Year Old Lands Big Tarpon!

December 31, 2016

The bite @ San Juan Bay Puerto Rico has been an awesome challenge and appreciated by the best Captains, since it has been unusually slow, raising our great fishing grounds to another level. We are grateful about this, cause… Read Full Report →

Mega Bite on the Low Tide

December 30, 2016

Great action today @ the low tide. Tarpon lighted up nicely right at the bottom of the outgoing. With a tight drag on a Penn Spinfisher 5500, mounted on one of our new Tidemaster St. Croix 7 foot rods… Read Full Report →

Monster Fish at the Bay

December 29, 2016

Having lots of fun today with the best pound for pound fighters of the Bay: the Jack Crevalles. Big Jacks are showing up for battle! As we where fishing this morning we are now seeing big King Mackerel jumping… Read Full Report →

Epic Fight

December 27, 2016

Bick Jacks are showing up for battle! But when you mix a Monster Jack Crevalle with a foul hook set... ooh boy, you are signing up for an epic fight... and it diesn't matter how good or pro angler… Read Full Report →


December 12, 2016

The high tide is paying off! Fish are bitting aggressively and with hunger @ San Juan Bay, Puerto Rico. It's producing multiple hook ups with plenty of fish to fight. Finally, the weather has favor us and the bite… Read Full Report →

Slow but Closed!

December 10, 2016

Another cold front is pounding the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. With that, a low barometric pressure affecting the bite. It was a slow start but Scott and his wife manage to capitalize on their first Tarpon and Saltwater… Read Full Report →

Monsters Against All Odds

November 30, 2016

Great catches today even though we have been facing extreme low pressure weather due to prolong cold fronts hitting the Caribbean. Even numerous Cruice Ships have been falling behind in time to dock here at the San juan Bay,… Read Full Report →

Yellowfin Tuna Time

November 08, 2016

Great time to go out for Yellowfin Tuna. On this trip we where able to capitalize on a triple header of nice Yellowfin Tunas but a few months earlier we had the opportunity of fighting a Big Yellowfin for… Read Full Report →

Blue Marlin Season up and Running

October 08, 2016

Blue Marlin Season is looking good. I was able to take some time off to fish a Blue Malin Tourney this weekend at the West Coast of Puerto Rico and thank God, we where able to capitalize on the… Read Full Report →

Slow Start with an Explosive Ending

September 26, 2016

Great day at the Bay this morning. What started as a slow morning ended up with an explosive Magic Hour. That's one of the things that makes fishing so special! The combination of the end of a Tropical System… Read Full Report →

EPIC Tarpon Bite 18 Landed of 28

September 07, 2016

Epic Tarpon bite so far this morning! The planets are lined up! Yesterday 14/bites, today we ended up with 18 released already with over 28 bites. We are su sure in the pattern and grateful about it that if… Read Full Report →

Amazing Hot Bite this Morning!

September 04, 2016

The bite is simply on due to the right moon and weather system that brought lots of rain and high levels of fresh water around the mouth of the river ecosystem that we have in the bay. Lots of… Read Full Report →

100% Hook up Ratio on Tarpon = 5/5

August 17, 2016

Morning bite was on today! Great weather with great barometric pressure produced a 100% hook up ratio on Tarpon. On every drift in the early hours of the morning we where able to capitalize on them today, even a… Read Full Report →

It's Simply Fishtorical

August 07, 2016

We are having a great bite in the afternoon for Snook. Snooks are spawning and big fish are showing up. There is now high probability of catching a nice trophy fish, not only that, it is great to eat.… Read Full Report →

Trifecta Action Fest

August 03, 2016

Yesterday's AM outing produced only two bites with a payout of 2/1 on pretty nice Tarpons. Today, it was a different story... It was CHAOS! The bite was simply ON! The conditions where just perfect: the right tide, the… Read Full Report →

It's Not Over Till It's Over

August 02, 2016

Couple of days after a Tropical System past by, the patterns where off... Unstable conditions made this outing very challenging, it was one with a slow bite but... three quarters into the trip, Lando manage to get to a… Read Full Report →

Afternoon Tarpon Express

July 30, 2016

The bite for Tarpon is ON during the afternoons. A tropical system approaching the island has made our work lot more easier in terms of producing bites. It's been so productive that on our 2 hour sunset trips, which… Read Full Report →

Tarpon Fest

July 20, 2016

A Tropical system combine with a full moon has been favorable for our unique inshore fishing grounds and still standing. Late in the afternoon, the Rooneys (amazing family of five) manage to capitalize on fish being hooked in every… Read Full Report →

Hockey Olympian Lands His 1st Tarpon

July 11, 2016

Switzerland's Hockey Olympian booked us for three days of fishing for Bonefish & Tarpon. He was able to land two Tarpons with one of them turning to be a pretty nice one. Both catches where done on light tackle.… Read Full Report →

Hockey Olympian Flyfishes for Bonefish

July 09, 2016

Our new friend from Switzerland flew for Bonefish and Tarpon Flyfishing with us @ Culebra Island in Puerto Rico and to enjoy a great vacation along with his family.. On the full family beach day part of his trip,… Read Full Report →

New Angler Graduate in the Island!

July 01, 2016

Beth has graduated to be an official Angler in our book! She landed this magnificent Tarpon ever all on her own. Took her 45 minutes to land it during the first hour of the high tide on a very… Read Full Report →

Bay Cruise Safari Payday!

June 29, 2016

Jed landed a couple of Guavanchas and a really Nice Tarpon today. He booked us just 1 hour prior to his fishing trip, even though we've been pretty busy but it was all possible thanks to the great services… Read Full Report →

Another Hot Bite in Paradise

June 26, 2016

The bite is on! Key factors are now lined up for a great fishing day: Moon stage, tides, barometeic pressure, our friendly willingness and effective experience of making sure you catch fish :); are some of the factors that… Read Full Report →

Booom! He Lands His 1st Tarpon Ever!

June 24, 2016

Congratulations to Margarito for catching his 1st Tarpon ever! The odds on catching your 1st Tarpon is 1 in every 9 strikes...and Margarito was able to do it. With the right temperament, experience and instructions, our guest are capable… Read Full Report →

1st Tarpon & Defying the Odds

June 22, 2016

Even though the patterns were off due to a sudden low barometric pressure caused by lots of rain, our guest manage to capitalize one of a Tarpon double header! Kudos! The odds on catching your 1st Tarpon is 1… Read Full Report →


June 13, 2016

Hot bite of Monster Smoker Kingfish @ San Juan Puerto Rico with Caribbean Fishing Academy Charters! We maxed out with all big King Mackerels today. Book us and enjoy the thrill of fishing and enjoying an awesome and fresh… Read Full Report →

Mackerel Stravaganza Caribbean Style

June 11, 2016

Hot bite @ San Juan Bay Puerto Rico. Dispite a slow early afternoon bait supply, we manage to make the proper adjustments to make sure that our new friends, Ben, Ben II and Miguel will have a great time… Read Full Report →

Texting While Tarpon Fishing

June 07, 2016

On the magic hour right at dusk, a very aggressive rod bending action put James from Chicago, on it's first ever Tarpon. He manage to land it and fool all the odds that you normaly read about landing Tarpons.… Read Full Report →


June 06, 2016

It was a FULL HOUSE , with a Soldier aboard with his three children and a dear friend @ the Caribbean Fishing Academy this morning. Active duty veteran Tony decided to share quality time with his kids and Carlitos,… Read Full Report →

SMOKER KING on the Plate!

June 04, 2016

Slow day but with a Pay Day! A slow but excellent 3/4 day trip ended up with a great catch. This King Mackerel or "Sierra" as we call them in the Caribbeans, smoked the line of Robert on its… Read Full Report →

MONSTER Jack Power by Jamaican Angler

June 02, 2016

The bite was (((ON))) throughout the morning, which included a TRIPLE HEADER with two Kingfish (both sniped the fluorocarbon leaders) and one MONSTER Jack Crevalle, which gave Tajmarie the fish fight of her life. Congratulations on such a great… Read Full Report →

Saving Childrens Lives Through Fishing

June 01, 2016

Fishing with purpose: As part of our Follow up Program, we took out three outstanding students for an advanced hands on angling class. They manage to catch both offshore and inshore priced species such as Mahi Mahi, received the… Read Full Report →

A Rare Catch Lead the Way!

April 21, 2016

The release of a rare catch of a " Guavancha", lead the way and energy towards a new target specie: After releasing the Guavancha" shown in the photo, Nikki from Jamaica asked jokingly: " Is there a place to… Read Full Report →

BIG ON The Magic Hour

April 09, 2016

With a full and ready baitwell of Greenies, we headed straight to the San Juan Bay's backcountry habitat. Within few minutes of our baits touching the waters, a Tarpon strike on the line. Unfortunaley, on it's first acrobatic jump,… Read Full Report →


April 07, 2016

Our guest anglers where conveniently picked up right after their cruise ship docked at the beautiful Old City of San Juan. With a baitwell already full of quality livies, we headed straight to one of our favorite fishing spots.… Read Full Report →


March 21, 2016

We are now in a transition between different species of game fish, specifically offshore Pelagic like Sailfish, Mahi, Wahoo and Tuna to the Blue Marlin Season, which the peak is at the end of the summer. As a result,… Read Full Report →

Snook and Let the Skunk Loose

March 14, 2016

This trip was a classic example of "there is more to fishing than just fishing". It began with a rainy morning with winds over 20 knots..., which translates to a successful fishing day challenge. These three great amigos got… Read Full Report →

93 Year Old Lands Multiple Tough Fish

February 22, 2016

93 YEAR OLD angler lands multiple tough fish with no problem! Watch fotos of his awesome catches! Our dear friend, Jim enjoyed CFA's productive and fun fishing charter service and manage to land multiple really nice Jack Crevalle. His… Read Full Report →