C Hawk Charters Fishing Reports

Winter bones

December 11, 2017

Big winter bonefish are making their appearance again this December. Also multiple shots at permit. Barracudas and sharks are always there for anyone interested. Cold fronts will slow down the flats for a few days, but it comes back… Read Full Report →


February 15, 2017

20-25 knt. SW wind before a cold front produced schools of big Bones coming down the flats. It's been great all week. Fly fishing and 10 lb braid is the weapon of choice. Read Full Report →

Fly fishing for Bonefish and permit

February 07, 2017

Today we fly fished with a novice saltwater fly-fishing client and had multiple shots at Bonefish and permit. One especially large permit over 35 pounds, unfortunately 20 knt. winds, increasing cloud cover, and rain cut the trip short. Read Full Report →

Bonefishing, permit and cudas

January 31, 2017

Warm winter bonefish! The warming water temperatures this week have plenty of schools of Bonefish coming across the flats we were able to get my client his first on fly and his buddy was able to get a big… Read Full Report →

Bonefish, permit, and tarpon

April 23, 2016

Gangs all here! Multiple shots at all three with a fly rod. My angler released his first Bonefish. Read Full Report →

Grand slam possibilities

April 20, 2016

We are getting consistent shots at a grand slams on a daily basis. On this day my 78 year old angler released his tarpon and bonefish but windy conditions interrupted his cast at multiple schools of bone fish. Read Full Report →

Tarpon Mania!

April 15, 2016

Tarpon migration has begun. Some really big fish are here. We caught 3 on our half day trip and a barracuda. Biggest tarpon was over 150. Read Full Report →

Spring free for All

March 29, 2016

Tarpon and Bonefishing have been really consistent and successful this past week. We are super excited to be seeing the fish in these numbers this early into our spring. Read Full Report →

Bonefish and Tarpon

March 17, 2016

The transition from winter time fishing to spring has begun.Excellent bonefishing today with light winds and almost no cloud cover. We had multiple shots at some single, doubles and one school of about a dozen. Plenty of sharks up… Read Full Report →

Cudas and Permit

March 06, 2016

Barracuda fishing continues to be fantastic and with the warming up of the water temps we had multiple shots at some giant permit. Casting has been challenging in 20 knot plus wind but that also makes it fun and… Read Full Report →


February 22, 2016

Thomas Collins caught this giant Cuda on a casting plug today. Water temperatures are warming up and bonefish and permit should be back on the flats this week. Read Full Report →

Tigers of the Sea

February 20, 2016

Barracuda fishing had been spectacular! Tossing top water plugs, tube lures and flies to giant Barracudas should be on everyone's bucket list! Read Full Report →

Plenty of action

January 30, 2016

With the advent of colder water Temps we have been drift fishing the basins for action. Fishing the"muds" can be a lot of fun, sometimes a hook up on every cast. Seatrout, jacks, and Lady fish. We also had… Read Full Report →

Barracuda time!

December 23, 2015

Barracuda action has really picked with the passage of a recent cold front and water temperature drop. Sight fishing and casting tube lures and top water plugs to these silvers missiles has to be experienced by anybody who loves… Read Full Report →

Shark fishing with topwater plugs

December 16, 2015

Casting topwater plugs to sharks in 1-2 of water is a blast. This leads to spectacular strikes and aerobatic leaps. Blacktips will jump 10' out of the water sometimes and spin in the air 3 or 4 complete revolutions! Read Full Report →


December 05, 2015

Very good Bonefishing today, we released two, largest about ten pounds, and had plenty of more shots at others. Spin tackle using 10lb. braid and live shrimp was used. Lots of barracuda and sharks swimming around. Read Full Report →


November 28, 2015

Strong winds from a cold front didn't discourage Permit on the flats. Lady angler, Meg, went one for two on 10lb. Spin. Read Full Report →

Lots of Permit action

November 16, 2015

Permit have been flooding the flats this last week in great numbers with an occasional shot at big bonefish. We also have had a lot of fun playing with Lemon and Blacktip sharks on surface plugs. this leads to… Read Full Report →

Bonefish once again has been very good

November 12, 2015

Bonefishing is still very good with a few shots a permit on both tides. Plenty of barracuda and cruising sharks to keep things interesting. Read Full Report →

Great bonefishing this last week of Nov.

November 07, 2015

Large numbers of bonefish still coming through at the start of the incoming tides this last week. We also have had multiple shots at tailing permit. Sharks have been around in good numbers and some big barracuda are starting… Read Full Report →

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