Solmar Sportfishing- 34 ft Boat Fishing Reports

The way the solmar VI team do

November 26, 2016

The way we do , . It not just catch fish around a fishing trips there is many thing to keep in mind nowadays , and we do it like that Read Full Report →

Awesome fishing day

November 04, 2016

Big dorados caughted , last friday at the pacific ocean side , all them took bait , we saw some striped marlin , not really want to fish for them Read Full Report →

Gigant blue marlin 750 LB october 23.

October 23, 2016

This was the big dream for Paul tang , he was looking this fish for 3 years , he used san lucas IV boat few times , san Luca v boat 3 times , solmar VI boat , couple… Read Full Report →

Blue marlin and wahoo

September 21, 2016

Had a nice day fishing with captain josé and sergio , released sailfish , Caugthed a 200 LB blue marlin , and 45 LB wahoo . Read Full Report →

Big yellow fin tuna

September 09, 2016

Big yellow fin tuna with captain josé and sergio , it was a day after the hurricane newton , tunas were baiting out the Jaime bank , small ones were inshore hitting the little feathers , Read Full Report →

Double hook Up striped Marlin

July 29, 2016

Double striped Marlin caughted onboard the pantera Boat with Captain José and sergio his mate their coustomer name breth yoder Thank you to Fish in our fleet Read Full Report →

Blue Marlin again on pantera Boat

July 24, 2016

Today sunday , july 24 we had Big waves ,anyway this Was not a problem for us , the Only Boat we sent Fishing Was our 34 Ft pantera , they caughted a 210 LB Blue Marlin , had… Read Full Report →

Big striped Marlin caughted

July 22, 2016

Our client Crace isacc from usa , caughted his 102 in ches long striped Marlin 120 LB The main report is 25 miles offshore cabo san Lucas , yellowfin tuna has Been. Bitongo there aswell. Read Full Report →

Family, Great Fishing DAY in cabo

July 17, 2016

Great Fishing DAY ,released 1 Blue Marlin , 5 yellowfin tunas , 1 shark. Left the Marina 6:00 am , Mainly Fish over 20 miles ,everybody Was around the tuna school , where we had five of the tunas… Read Full Report →

Striped Marlin released

July 16, 2016

Striped Marlin released ,,onboard the 34 Ft Boat pantera ,, and 15 Pound dorado . Lot of tuna school dos not want to bite . Read Full Report →

350 LB Blue Marlin cabo san Lucas

July 14, 2016

Big blues are in cabo already . Our 34 Ft caughted this 350 LB Blue Marlin im only 40 minutes Read Full Report →

350 LB Blue Marlin

July 14, 2016

Blue Marlin caughted onboard the 34 Ft Boat pantera . In just 40 minutes fight , using 50 penn internacional Reel & 80 LB test , it hit the write and Blue médium feather . Read Full Report →

Striped Marlin in cabo

July 13, 2016

Striped Marlin caughted onboard Solmar VI Boat . Mr Hernández and family from mexico city Read Full Report →