Twin Hooks—Galileo Fishing Reports

black fin tuna school!!!

June 10, 2017

On this day we went out with Mr. Robby Fraser but he let us and we have the option for run, to spot that is at 34nm from town, the weather was perfectly for running to the spot, we… Read Full Report →

Sailfish seazon

May 23, 2017

Yesterday we when out with mr. Peter Lima and hes sons, they whant to try first for some bottom fishing and then try for the mahis and sailfish trolling, the weather was strong and windy but they can hable… Read Full Report →

billfish its here.. #3 sailfish

April 10, 2016

nothing like a great day for our costumers and today its was a perfect day for our fishermen, we went out with a great family from france, the fisrt tink they want to do its caught something for dinner… Read Full Report →

Billfish #2. the seazon its here..

April 07, 2016

on this day we went out with want tink in mind. sailfish!! the morning was great fresh and a bit of wind.. We prepare and throw or ticers.. we were trying and trying until we can see one behind… Read Full Report →

billfish seazon its here!! yeah!!

April 06, 2016

on this day we went out on galileo boat, and today we target billfish (sailfish) the day started slow, but after a few minutes on the ocean we can see alot of activity, flyfish, and birds great sings for… Read Full Report →

Galileo caught another sailfish

June 05, 2015

On this day Galileo went out again and the target was sailfish, the day was slow the fishes don't want to play whit Us then the wahoos broked a few monofilament lines.. or hope wasn't good and then after… Read Full Report →

Galileo catch and release sailfish

June 04, 2015

We went out in a fishing trip for 4 hrs and the costumers want to target a sailfish, its was a hard day a lot of wind.. and lot of seaweeds on the ocean, but we try hard until… Read Full Report →

Galileo target billfish

June 03, 2015

On this day Galileo went out again and in our minds was only one think BillFishes that was or target.. its was a active day a lot of birds.. and fly fish we got a few strikes from a… Read Full Report →

fishing trip 3/4 day,target White Marlin

April 19, 2015

In this day or costumers wants a white marlin after a few hours in strong waters and wind.. but whit costumers that have faith in us we hooks a nice sailfish but we lost him in the fight.. after… Read Full Report →

cautgh and release sailfish

April 14, 2015

A costumers book a fishing trip and he wants to target sailfish after a few hours and a few strikes from them we can hook two but we lost one in the fight and we can caught and release… Read Full Report →

today we caught a few quality fishes

February 15, 2015

Nice day on Galileo boat, black gropper whit a few nice red mutton snapper.. and one nice bog snapper... Read Full Report →

nice day doing bottom fishing

January 24, 2015

Gorgeous day on the Caribbean waters...perfect for bottom fishing using Shimano and Penn reels.. nothing better that good friends and the sound of a reel craing, whit a nice fish on the end.. only whit galileo boat Read Full Report →

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