Twin Hooks—Comocean Fishing Reports

amacing day on carribean waters

March 10, 2017

On this day the boat comocean went out with the captain Roberto Vargas "Breiko" and the firstmate Jorge Gomez. What a great day our fisherman have, I am sure they arms still hurt for that day!! A lot of… Read Full Report →

fishing whit comocean 6hrs trip

November 20, 2015

On this Day comocean boat with cap. 'Breiko' Roberto Vargas and the fishermen Johnny Aker and his friends caught a gorgeous 58" wahoo and after That a great dinner. congratulations guys hope that you come back soon Read Full Report →

Comocean go out for bottom fishing

June 02, 2015

On this day Comocean went out the customers booked a 6hrs trip and wanted to do bottom fishing.. they trolling a little bit to the fishing spots.. they start at 200 feets checking a few spots until start working..… Read Full Report →

wonderfull fishing day

February 11, 2015

Great day on comocean boat.. the fishes was biting, the roads were crying and few quality and nicest fishes on the end, can ask for something better.. gorgeous day on Caribbean waters... Read Full Report →

wonderfull fishing trip on comocean boat

January 30, 2015

nothing better that a good day catching fish, doing trolling and bottom fishing.. on comocean boat whit cap. Roberto Vargas fithing whit a few nice amberjacks barracudas and King mackarels Read Full Report →

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