BENT Outfitters Fishing - 28' Boat Fishing Reports

Deep Dropping Demolition

March 23, 2018

There isn't much to say about this trip except we SLAMMED the grouper and other species. We left out at 4 am and headed to the Nipple to do some trolling for Wahoo and anything else that would bite… Read Full Report →

Feeling Triggered?

March 15, 2018

The temps were cool but the seas were perfect and before you knew it, the cool morning turned into a pleasant afternoon. We caught over a 100 fish this day including vermillion, Triggerfish, white snapper, red snapper and scamp.… Read Full Report →

Bachelor Party Bash

March 09, 2018

The seas were perfect and this bachelor party was ready to fish and drink beer but not necessarily in that order. We headed out in sub 40 degree temps with smooth seas and started catching fish on the first… Read Full Report →


March 03, 2018

Saturday and Sunday 3/3 and 3/4 saw beautiful weather, daytime temps in the 70's and a bite on FIRE! In 2 days we caught over 18 Sheepshead and a couple Redfish. Book your trip today to get in on… Read Full Report →

Fantastic Friday

June 30, 2017

What started out as a stormy morning cleared off for a beautiful afternoon. With the over 12 inches of rain we had from TS Cindy, the Gulf of Mexico looks like a Hershey bar and with a full moon… Read Full Report →

Happy Hump Day

June 28, 2017

Heading out around 6:45 am in Orange Beach, we came across piles of live bait. We spent about 15 minutes loading up before leaving the pass. On our first drop we caught a couple triggerfish and a couple snapper… Read Full Report →

Manic Monday

June 26, 2017

With a prediction of winds laying down in the morning falling through, the seas were tough we still got these kids on some good fish. This was a crew that has been fishing with me for 3 years now… Read Full Report →

Same day Different conditions

June 26, 2017

It's amazing what a difference a couple hours makes. From an all morning 18-20 NE wind and 2-3 foot seas to a minimal wind and 1-2 foot seas, we were in for a much more comfortable afternoon of fishing… Read Full Report →

The Jinx is Over

June 04, 2017

We got a late start to the morning but it didn't stop us from catching great fish! The fish were very finicky but we worked a technique that made them eat. Every fish the customers caught this day was… Read Full Report →

Friends and Family Trip

June 03, 2017

Sea Conditions were awful this day and prevented us from going out in the morning on last day of the season so we stuck to the bay catching white trout and hardtails, Late in the afternoon, we made a… Read Full Report →

Kansas Day 3

June 02, 2017

Last day before Dorothy had to click her heels together and head back home. Conditions were rough and bumpy and another passenger fell ill during the trip but not before this crew toughed it out and had their limits… Read Full Report →

Kansas Day 2

June 01, 2017

Kansas woke up and was ready on Federal opening day. We ran out about 20 miles and within 30 minutes had caught a healthy limit of Red Snapper. They were having so much fun they ended up wanting to… Read Full Report →

Kansas Wrecking Crew back in town

May 31, 2017

Amy, Eric, Brian and Kelly drove in from Kansas to fish for 3 days and set the Gulf on Fire. First day in State Waters they caught 5 good Red Snapper while breaking off a significant number more. One… Read Full Report →

Rinse and Repeat

May 30, 2017

This particular day the boat was down for service and a minor repair leaving the crew only a couple hours to fish, but BOY did they get it done. The brought some great fish back to the dock in… Read Full Report →

Afternoon Shark Fest

May 30, 2017

This was a day when we couldn't get away from the Sharks. Every time we had a Red Snapper on the line, the sharks would come in and give us a fight for a while. At one point we… Read Full Report →

Father, Son and Best Friends Smoke Fish

May 29, 2017

Had a couple father son's in this Group and one first timer. Headed out and caught a few small Cobia before going to drop for Snapper. Sea Conditions were again less than ideal but this crew worked hard to… Read Full Report →

Red Hammer!

May 28, 2017

This party of 6 had a late night before but came ready to fish. Conditions were not ideal but they managed to land 12 fantastic Red Snapper to take home and filet, including one that was about 20 lbs.… Read Full Report →

Daughter and Nephew lay the Smack Down

May 27, 2017

Took my nephew and daughter out to get a few drops in before the afternoon trolling trip and their limited time did not disappoint. Mackenzie and Harrison both caught some nice Red Snapper. They caught 4 in total in… Read Full Report →

Afternoon Troll

May 27, 2017

Hosted the this group or their first ever trip on the Gulf. It was a little rough and the trolling was slow on this particular afternoon, but we made the most of it. Their son ended getting to sit… Read Full Report →

Red Snapper Season opens in AL

May 26, 2017

Captain Michael had to run the first trip on the new boat while I was out of town and he didn't disappoint. These 3 young boys and their dad caught their limits in red snapper and took home a… Read Full Report →

Just n Time

May 19, 2017

Yesterday we put the new boat in the water and started breaking her in! Only thing we have to do now is get blood on the deck. Conditions are pretty bad this weekend but Memorial Day weekend is looking… Read Full Report →

Red Snapper Season 65 days this year

April 10, 2017

Red Snapper season is set to open May 26, 2017 in Alabama State waters so we are booking trips now. If you want to experience so intense fishing, book a trip with us. If you have never been fishing,… Read Full Report →


January 20, 2017

The Rivers around Mobile have been on fire since December with a couple dead periods after flooding rains. We caught caught about 30-40 speckled trout and lost a couple monsters using artificial lures. Read Full Report →

Goodbye Snapper until Next year

July 31, 2016

The last day of 2016 snapper season did not disappoint. we had a Veteran and two active duty service members on the trip. The day started off with us catching small legal snapper but finished with us catching some… Read Full Report →

First time fun

July 29, 2016

We had one experienced fisherman and one first time Gulf timer...the first timer got more than he bargained for early on when a shark picked up his bait and took us on a 1 mile 45 minute journey. We… Read Full Report →

Catch and release

July 22, 2016

This father and two sons from Texas got more than they bargained for when they booked their trips. From the time lines went in the water there was never a quiet moment. We caught fish after fish but only… Read Full Report →

You waited til the last minute

July 18, 2016

Once again we headed out surrounded by storms to our east and west but managed to find a dry spot in between. The seas were a little rough this day and the bite was tough but we managed to… Read Full Report →

Birthday Bash

July 16, 2016

It was an ominous weather morning that delayed our departure about 20 miles offshore but once we arrived the bite never stopped. We had a very special birthday girl on the boat with the party of 6 who had… Read Full Report →

Saturday batchelor snapper slam

July 09, 2016

2 foot seas if you please but no thank you for the storms we had to dodge. We left out around 6:45 a.m. to head out about 20 miles. Once we got to location and just started fishing a… Read Full Report →

Houston came calling

July 06, 2016

Once again as the boat is getting serviced I called my friend Dustin and asked if he could take my group out and let me deck. The strong current made for a tough day fishing but we managed to… Read Full Report →

The backup Plan

July 02, 2016

My boat was down for maintenance so I was able to get my buddy with ALL-In, Capt. Dustin Reed, to take my Carthage Crew including myself out for our pre-booked charter. We Headed to our spot, trolling along the… Read Full Report →

Seaward bound then turn around

July 01, 2016

What was going to be a morning offshore snapper trip turned into an afternoon inshore trip. My hometown Missisippians and I headed across the bay to the ICW to fish for redfish. We caught many different species including one… Read Full Report →

Working round the weather

June 30, 2016

I had to work the trip around the storms this week to get make this awesome father-son fishing trip happen. While we didn't catch limits on all fish we did have fun doing it. First trolling line in the… Read Full Report →

Saturday Snapper Slam

June 25, 2016

Where do I start? From the time we headed out until the time we returned the trip was nothing short of an adrenalin rush. From the first spot we snagged 3 30-inch Red Snapper and a King Mackeral, then… Read Full Report →

Father Son Slam

June 24, 2016

Daylight calls and we listen--to the sound of water moving and bait crashing. Darin and his son Curtis called on us to provide their first offshore experience and we didn't disappoint. They even got to learn from my daughter,… Read Full Report →

It's not just luck

June 23, 2016

Got an early start and headed out on a 20 mile trek to search for the elusive red snapper. According to this group ,they had been on 3 different charter trips and never had much luck. That all changed… Read Full Report →

Calm Seas if you Please

June 22, 2016

The wind was right and the Seas were perfect. Got to see a sun and moon at the same time on the way out. We headed offshore about 20 miles. First drop down Eric's daughter Aubrey hooked up with… Read Full Report →

Afternoon Summer Delight

June 22, 2016

Chris and Bruce were BENT in no time. We culled through smaller snapper waiting on the Sow's that never came this afternoon but a good time was had by all. Great Group, Good times, will repeat! Read Full Report →

Bay time

June 21, 2016

Wind was a little rough on Tuesday but we managed to hammer out a few fish in gulf shores and magnolia springs area. Had a great crew with a couple professional casters on the boat. Very impressed and had… Read Full Report →

Perfect Seas = very pleased

June 14, 2016

Mike, his son and his nephew wanted to get a fishing trip in while they were here so we took advantage of perfect conditions to put together a perfect trip. We caught our limits of nice red snapper and… Read Full Report →

Overnight Fishing Frenzy

June 11, 2016

What originally started as a bait catching expedition led to a last minute change of plans to make an overnight trip. We left out about 10PM and ran about 40 miles from our launch, anchored up and fished until… Read Full Report →

Friday Fishing with Family and Friends

June 10, 2016

Friday was a special trip as I got to take my dad, a former coworker and my daughter out for a little Gulf Red Snapper fishing. The seas were like being on a lake and visibility was about 22… Read Full Report →

The Race is On

June 01, 2016

The race was on and we ran fast and furious. The Wichita,KS crew was in for their first opening day snapper fishing trip and they would not denied or disappointed. We limited on big red snapper and caught a… Read Full Report →

I don't wanna click my heels together

May 31, 2016

The Kansas wrecking crew delivered a blow to the red snapper population down in Alabama today. They doubled up on their first drop and never looked back. Even after catching their limits they were dying to stay BENT. We… Read Full Report →

Memorial Day with Mobile Bay Bears

May 30, 2016

We launched in OBA and headed through headed out with no wind and 1-2 foot seas only to see it flatten down to less than a foot after arriving at our fishing location. Once we got on the spot… Read Full Report →

State Water Snapper with my 2 girls

May 29, 2016

Girls and I decided to sleep in and not hit the sunrise. We launched at Cotton Bayou and idled our way to the pass to hit the gulf to chase down some "Elusive" Red Snapper. We headed out to… Read Full Report →

Hangout Fest then fish

May 24, 2016

Last minute bookings didn't disappoint these guys. We hit the water at 9 am and headed south about 22 miles. The morning started with us catching Amberjack, Red snapper and triggerfish. After spending a few minutes teaching the client… Read Full Report →

All the way from Cali!

May 23, 2016

Was a last minute decision but my neighbor had his daughter and son-in-law in town and wanted to treat them to an offshore adventure. We launched in Weeks Bay around 1 p.m. Running offshore about 22 miles. The highlights… Read Full Report →

Bite on Fire

May 19, 2016

The northwest wind must have made the fish ready for action this morning because it was fish at first cast and then some. Wes and Jane from Atlanta made for an awesome two some and saw plenty of action… Read Full Report →

Monday Inshore Excitement

May 16, 2016

The long day Sunday led to a late start on Monday with a strong east wind but didn't stop the action. We got out live shrimp and were on the water by 6:45. We headed to our first location… Read Full Report →

Sunday Fun-day

May 15, 2016

When the North Wind blows it's sure to be cooler in May. Headed out from Big Lagoon at daylight only to see the winds start blowing 20plus knots out of the North once we got on the Gulf giving… Read Full Report →

It's Raining Reds on Mothers Day!

May 08, 2016

We didn't leave out until about 7:30 in the morning but launched at the beautiful Big Lagoon State Park. I took my amazing family and in-laws over to Florida waters to seek the endangered Red Snapper for Mother's Day.… Read Full Report →

Blustery conditions - No Problem

May 05, 2016

At the 3 clients request we got a late start but it didn't take long to find the fish. We kept 8 nice redfish, one 24 incher with 2 other large ones snapping the hook off. The wind was… Read Full Report →

Hump Day RED's

May 04, 2016

Conditions were far from ideal with a 20 knot plus NW wind but Eric and his Uncle Jim were still able to haul in 5 keeper redfish. We caught a hefty number of specks that were just a wee… Read Full Report →

Great Gulf Day

April 24, 2016

Yesterday was as perfect as a peach! We headed out to about 20 miles offshore early and spent our day hopping spot to spot catching a hefty number of different reef fish for the fish box. We even saw… Read Full Report →

Tales from Tuesday

April 05, 2016

Walker Thomas and 5 buddies met us at daylight in OBA. We headed out with our live shrimp and bottom rigs to the jetties to secure a good spot and started a little on-boat tournament (first fish, Big fish,… Read Full Report →

Return of the Jedi (Jetty)

April 04, 2016

The rains brought tons of fresh water in on Friday to add a few degrees of difficulty to the trip but these guys from Atlanta came in and got it done. We caught Pompano and Puppy drum. If we… Read Full Report →

Trigger Tuesday

March 22, 2016

The morning started out at 6:45 a.m. Launching out in Orange Beach, AL. We had 2 people on the trip who had never caught a fish and had never been on the gulf. Conditions were super 1-2 foot seas.… Read Full Report →

Speckled Trout in OBA

March 15, 2016

The winds were blowing hard out of the SW and the seas were still rough so we made our way inshore catching speckled trout. Lots of fresh muddy water from all the rain we've had over the past week.… Read Full Report →