Dream Catcher Madeira Fishing Reports

Dream Catcher caught a blue fin tuna

April 11, 2018

Thanks to Mariah and his boy , was a great day . We hook up a 420 blue fin tuna , took around 45 minutes to landed .. Beautiful shashimi Read Full Report →

Brendan release a 600 blue Marlin

June 26, 2017

Brendan did like a pro. We release a 600 blue Marlin 2 hour later we had another bite but pull the hook Happen is fishing Well done Read Full Report →

Dream Catcher went 2-2 Blue Marlin

June 25, 2017

James Crudas come on Dream Catcher for catch the firt Blue Marlin of his life , and he did Went 2-2 300/400 pounder Read Full Report →

700+ Blue MArlin

June 14, 2017

Tania Sousa landed firt Blue Marlin with a very decent size was a top top day a lots of fun Read Full Report →

490 Blu Marlin

June 11, 2017

went fishing with nicole , on the way to the Marina bangggg a blue Marlin with 490 , unfortunaly came tailrwap , some times happen ... but a really nice day Read Full Report →

Kelly realease a 500 blue marlin

June 08, 2017

we try for the second time and we had luck ,we landed a blue marlin with 500 all the guys happy .. Read Full Report →

800 pounds Blue Marlin

June 02, 2017

Daniel , good brother , came to Madeira fir catch the fish of a life time , and he did Read Full Report →

600 Blue Marlin

June 01, 2017

Alex , the customer charter the Dram Catcher to half Day , some times is short for catch a fish of a life time , but he did , a 600 Blue Marlin . Read Full Report →

450 Blue Marlin

May 24, 2017

Juan was very exited to go fishing , great guy , we went out of the Marina we raise a 600 Blue Marlin , then we try for look for other fish and we pull a 450 Blue Marlin… Read Full Report →

2-2 Blue Marlis 550-600 pounds

May 20, 2017

very nice day , 2-2 blue marlins realese the fishing is hot in Calheta-Madeira ,dream catcher is on Read Full Report →

700 pounds Blue Marlin

May 19, 2017

Full days trip , lots of activiti , some Tunas around but a little bit deep , we was try for a blue , and we caught one with around 700 .. A couple from America , awesome guys… Read Full Report →

First Bill fish Madeira 2017

May 08, 2017

Firt bill fish of the season Calheta /Madeira , Dream Catcher is on Fire , very nice start of the season , with some Tunas , now the Bill fish arrive ... this season will be crazy !! Let's… Read Full Report →

Dream Catcher on Fire !!!

April 23, 2017

Dream Catcher is on Fire ... Happy Custers .. Another great Day with great guys Firt Big eye for them .. Lest Rock Read Full Report →

One more Big eye Tuna

April 14, 2017

Amazing French Couple came to us for go fishing , the firt day no luck , but they try another Half day Charter and boommmm , double strike , one pull the hook , but the other give a… Read Full Report →

Massive Big eye Tuna

April 13, 2017

Half Day charter , and a happy client this is all about in Madeira , 1 mile from the marina we had 2 big eye Tuna , lost one ... very very nice day Read Full Report →

Blue Marlin & White Marlin

July 19, 2016

Awesome day , we hook up a White Marlin we realese , and 10 minutes after Boommm we hook up a Blue Marlin whit 700/750 pounds , 40 minutes fighting , the customer was very happy , then we… Read Full Report →

Dream Catcher realese a 650 Blue !!!

June 14, 2016

Was amazing trip whit The Team of "Pesca Grossa" Team , The fish come in to The spread very exited , went to the teaser , the to the long riguer , and strike on the short .650 lbs… Read Full Report →

Blue Marlin 6 Th Dream Catcher is ON!!!

June 06, 2016

was very nice Trip we fish for 20 minutes and BANGGG , Marlin on !!1the Client was so Happy , Read Full Report →

Dream Catcher is on !!!

June 04, 2016

Was very nice trip , very nice weather , the fish strike in the end of the day 1 mile of shore , Madeira the best place for Marlin Fishing Read Full Report →

1 Blue Marlin of the Season in Madeir

May 21, 2016

Was very nice trip and we caught a Blue Marlin , we leave the Marina trooling till Cabo Girao and 1.30 minutes from the marina BUMmM !! The angler was the firt time game fishing and was very very… Read Full Report →

Today One More Big Eye !!

May 02, 2016

was Very nice trip , nice weather and a beutifull Sea , we got one More , Dream Catcher in ON !!! Read Full Report →

The Season Really Start !!!

April 28, 2016

Was weason !!! Big Eye Tuna 94/5 Klsm the Tunas are aroud Madeira Island CAlheta , come and enjoy the catch of a life time Read Full Report →

Tunas Aroud Madeira Island PT

April 17, 2016

was very nice Day , whit the company of 4 great guys , 6 Tunas forr the firt fishing trip ever , they was whit a BIG smile , great day Read Full Report →

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