Puerto Rico Tarpon Connection Fishing Reports

Awsome day, awsom people!

January 05, 2017

1/5/2017 Morning Charter Jim & Sue Hillard, Nick Feranec and Clarck Diffendaffer from Florida & Nebraska Awsome day, awsome people! The charter was set for 8 am, since customers were coming on the Oasis of the seas. I knew… Read Full Report →

Super Moon!

December 14, 2016

12/14/20016 Morning Charter Chris & Caroline from San Diego Caroline a novice and Chris having some experience, got to the marina on time, within 15 minutes we had made bait and opposed to the past few days the wind… Read Full Report →

A time to be thankful!

November 24, 2016

11/24/2016 Morning Charter A time to be thankful! Jorn Morten & Hilde Skaara from Stavanger, Norway I went along with my first Norwegian customers on the traditional Thanksgiving trip. The bait were plentiful and within half hour we were… Read Full Report →

Finally Caught Fish in PR!

November 23, 2016

11/23/2016 Morning Charter Sergio & Carolina, Houston, TX We had lots of rain last night, this morning we made bait in the mouth of the river and headed for the fishing grounds. Sergio and Carolina had gone shore fishing… Read Full Report →

Captain Rafa and the Dutch

November 18, 2016

November 18th, 2016 Morning Charter Jared Van Groningen, California This morning the big greenies showed up, this usually for tells the arrival of big tarpon. We filled up the livewell and started heading out to the bay, on the… Read Full Report →

They came from Bass Pro Shops...

May 25, 2016

5/25/2016 Morning Charter They came from Bass Pro Shops... Sam, Dave & Jon from Springfield, Missouri, the home of my favorite store in the whole wide world, Bass Pro Shops! The guys came in from the cruise ship at… Read Full Report →

Tarpon river rumble...

May 15, 2016

Morning Charter 5/15/2016 Rumble in the river... Giordie Sausa and his father Phil from Boston, MA.. Geordie is one of the crew of the Tuna.com, from the hit TV series Wicked Tuna. It is awsome to fish with people… Read Full Report →

It's like a box of chocolates...

May 14, 2016

Morning Charter 5/14/2016 It's like a box of chocolates... Phillip and GJ from Louisiana The morning was clear and with a bit more wind than usual. After quickly getting a livewell full of greenies, we headed to an area… Read Full Report →


May 07, 2016

Morning Charter May 7th, 2016 Windy... It seem like the wind brought, Sean Wilt and his Stepson Cody from Florida, to San Juan Bay. Sean is a Bass Tournament Coordinator among other things, as an avid fishermam, I wanted… Read Full Report →

Here comes the rain...

April 26, 2016

Morning charters April 26,30, May 1st Here comes the rain... The end of April and beginning of May bring the rain and with it, the early summer of plenty! This is a summary of 3 morning charters, Tarpon dreamers… Read Full Report →

Desert people fishing in the rain...

April 18, 2016

Morning Charter 4/18/2016 Benjamin Martinez & Father from New Mexico Desert people fishing in the rain... It was Ben's birthday, grew up fishing for trout in new mexico. Wanted a chance at the big leagues. It was raining, jacks… Read Full Report →

Happy camper...

April 09, 2016

Half day morning charter 4/9/2016 Benjamin Kur, New York Now that is the face of a happy camper, a guy that filled his bucket list, in San Juan Bay, Puerto Rico! Not in a week of fishing in Costa… Read Full Report →

Paging Doctor Cruz

April 07, 2016

Morning Charter April 7th, 2016 Paging Doctor Cruz... Philip Cruz from New York It was a last minute booking, a referral from a happy customer, Doctor Cruz stepped into my world for a round of fishing, San Juan Bay… Read Full Report →

Jacks for Jack...

April 06, 2016

Morning charter April 6th, 2016 Eric & Jack from Indiana Jacks for Jack... When Jack from Indiana came fishing on Wednesday to San Juan bay, he never thought he was going to find Jacks, Jack Crevalle that is! After… Read Full Report →

Oh, how sweet it is...

March 27, 2016

Oh, how sweet it is... 3/27/2016 3/4 day afternoon Alan & Rosemary White from Montana It was very windy! I was able to tie up to the bait dock and quickly made a livewell full of greenies and pilchard.… Read Full Report →

Sometimes the second is the charm...

March 23, 2016

Morning Charter 3/23/2016 Tim Doppler, Michael and Jack from Minnesota. Sometimes the second time is the charm... Yesterday I received a call from a angler and father who went fishing on Monday with another captain, he was hesitant since… Read Full Report →

When God sends lemons...

March 21, 2016

Morning Charter 03/21/2016 Mark & Dana Parsons from Connecticut When God sends you lemons... Fishing was slow for all the charters, we had gotten one Tarpon Jump all morning and then Mark got to a head on collision with… Read Full Report →

There are times...

March 03, 2016

I am happy to say, I have some of the best customers in the world and I have been around. But sometimes you get special people that you root for. That was the case today. They wanted Tarpon and… Read Full Report →

One more for the skipper...

March 02, 2016

Randy Stillwell & Co. from Minnesota. As it happens sometimes, fishing doesn't go as planned. Today's anglers came on a cruise and got a late start. Went out early and caught bait and waited, there was a low tide… Read Full Report →

A week in the life...

February 28, 2016

A week in the life of Captain Rafa in San Juan Bay, Puerto Rico! The fishing has been great this year, the cold fronts have mostly held off and the Tarpon are on the move, followed by Mr. Jack… Read Full Report →

Almost all about fishing...

February 16, 2016

Afternoon Charter 02/16/2016 Christopher Yu & Co. from California As a charter captain, I'm always looking for more and bigger fish. This afternoon the bite was tough, the wind was blowing and the tide was off. The Yu family's… Read Full Report →

All for Tarpon and Tarpon for all...

February 08, 2016

Morning Charter 02/08/2016 All for Tarpon and Tarpon for all! Steven, John and James from Arkansas, as good fishermen, came in early this morning. We headed out to catch bait with Sabikis, they didn't expect to catch so many… Read Full Report →

Rain or Shine, Tarpon's Delight...

February 07, 2016

Andy Dubman and Co. from New Jersey. We started early on a very rainy morning, we quickly made bait (greenies) and headed out, still raining. We caught and released the first tarpon within 10 minutes and a Jack Crevalle… Read Full Report →

Incredible day out...

January 30, 2016

Morning Charter 01/30/2016 Gerald Lyons and Co. from New York City. Incredible morning out! Caught bait early and headed out to the open bay, red buoy #7 is were the fish have been. I marked the bait at about… Read Full Report →

When it gets cold in the north...

January 24, 2016

Morning Charter 1/24/2016 Hank & Steve from New York. Most excellent day out! Full moon, 9:45 high tide and a light breeze from the south east, very good conditions. Activity began from the first drift, a Jack Crevalle, from… Read Full Report →

We do a lot of first time tarpons...

January 02, 2016

Morning Charter 1/2/2016 Derek & Janae Rast They have been in Belize, Costa Rica and Florida looking for their first tarpon. One half day in Puerto Rico and boom, bucket list tarpon down! First one of the year! This… Read Full Report →

The rain kept the fire going...

December 02, 2015

Gurney Thompson and Ricardo Cardenas from Denver Colorado had the time of their life! Last night rains kept the fire going in San Juan bay! 5 minutes into the trip we were hooked up with our first tarpon. As… Read Full Report →

San Juan Bay is on Fire!!!

November 30, 2015

Jake Burduo & Co. from Maine, looking for his first Tarpon, ended up with a trip of a lifetime. Caught and released 5 -5 Tarpon and 1-1 Jack Crevalle, Bated for 1,000! Not bad for a Tarpon Rookie! San… Read Full Report →

What happens in San Juan Bay...

November 25, 2015

Fishing in the bay has been OK. On Wednesday, I received Ryan and Leticia from Las Vegas. Leticia made the reservation and I recommended that day. It was 2 days out of full moon with a 9 am high… Read Full Report →

Jay & Hunter's Triple Hookup!

April 07, 2015

Morning Charter April 7th, 2015 Fishingbooker Customers Jay and Hunter Garrison Jay Garrison and his son Hunter from Wisconsin had an awesome time fishing with us today at Puerto Rico Tarpon Connection. Early morning began with a triple hook… Read Full Report →

3 generations of fishing!

April 01, 2015

Today I had the pleasure to host a day of fishing for 3 generations of Minnesottans, Deb Moes (Mom), Kelly Moes (Daughter), and Carrigan Murphy (Granddaughter), we had a great time releasing 5 fish out of seven! A mixed… Read Full Report →

Usual Suspects...

March 24, 2015

Dan joyner and company showed up early today, as we had agreed, they got to the marina at 5:45 am. We got bait quickly, threadfin herring and pilchards was the menu for the morning session. We had a 6:30… Read Full Report →

Tarpon family Fun!

March 02, 2015

Mike and his girls visiting from Wisconsin had a world of family fun on our outin a week ago. Although they had no former experience had no problem catching and releasing 2 tarpon, 1 ladyfish and 2 jacks in… Read Full Report →

It almost didn't happen...

February 25, 2015

While catching bait this morning I was more excited than other days. Mike from Pennsylvania had made reservations almost a month ago and was arriving on the Quantum of the Seas, to fish in the morning session. Cruise Ships… Read Full Report →

Stranded in San Juan!!!

February 16, 2015

I was contacted by Chuck from Boston, MA yesterday about tarpon fishing. He reserved a half day morning trip for today. He is stranded in San Juan with his wife due to the blizzard in Boston. A cool front… Read Full Report →

Tarpon & Jack Shuffle!

February 01, 2015

Morning Charter Steve & Judy Cartmell from Albuqurque, New Mexico and customers from FishingBooker, did the San Juan Bay, tarpon & Jack Crevalle Shuffle, releasing 3 tarpon out of 6 and 3 jack crevalle! Not bad for a half… Read Full Report →