L’Oiseau des Iles II Fishing Reports

Big Yellowfin tuna and black marlin

December 08, 2015

Marlins point the tip of their rostrums to the delight of our 5 friends fishermen from Barcelona to "track" for 4 full days around Rodrigues on board L'oiseau des îles II. 7 strikes of marlins > 2 marlins caught… Read Full Report →

Large variety of fish in just one day !

November 22, 2015

Incredible ! ten species caught in just one day ... Luc, Laurent and their friends made themselves pleasure and they have recovered large fish including a superb sailfish. Read Full Report →

Women also catch big fishes !!!

November 18, 2015

Great performance of Beatrice for her first big game fishing trip in the Indian Ocean aboard L'oiseau des îles II, with lots of big fish caught. Here with two beautiful specimens: a big wahoo of 65lbs and a vara-vara… Read Full Report →

New season New fishing adventure

November 12, 2015

David and Matthew came from England to Rodrigues island to discover our exotic fishes. We went to Hawkins bench and -as usual- it was a great adventure : during 4 days and 3 night aboard L'oiseau des îles II,… Read Full Report →

Amazing fishing trip Father and Daughter

March 04, 2015

An amazing fishing trip with Michel and his daughter Carole last march. 5 days aboard L'oiseau des îles II on Hawkins fishing spot at 100 nautical miles from Rodrigues island coast. Lots of differents sorts of Big fishs :… Read Full Report →

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