Island Pursuit Sport Fishing - 25' Fishing Reports

End of May Fishing Report

May 23, 2018

As our first month of peak season comes to a close, we truly had some of the best and most consistent salmon fishing in years. Most of our charters limited out with only a handful of missed bites. We… Read Full Report →

An nice review highlighting how good it

May 16, 2018

Steve is always commenting that May is the best month for fishing and he didn’t disappoint!! We were booked for a later date this year but Steve said fishing was hot right now and you can always trust that… Read Full Report →

Hot weather and even hotter fishing

May 09, 2018

I've said it once and I'll say it again; May is the most predictable and consistent fishing of the year. We were 90% booked the first 2 weeks of May and the fishing was incredible. The bait is holding… Read Full Report →

Excellent fishing

May 04, 2018

The fishing as really heated up here in the Comox Valley. The fish have shown up for peak season and we are even seeing larger fish for early season. May 1 marks the opening of our bottom fishing and… Read Full Report →

Comox Valleys Luxury Fishing Experience

February 23, 2018

Island Pursuit Sport Fishing would like to thank all of our clients in supporting us reaching our service goal of Top Rated Tour in The Comox Valley on Tripadvisor! As many of you know we are dedicated on providing… Read Full Report →

Big bites

June 27, 2017

Redemption pm full day charter! Although still tuff and windy we played with some Bottom fish for an hr then went Salmon fishing. Today we were trying to find a few quality bites and ended up finding alot of… Read Full Report →

Bites on

June 26, 2017

A breezy afternoon outing today. We had great guests out tonight that were interested in the action package, and we delivered. We had 30 + fish on, got our Coho, and one small Spring, Crab tons of wild and… Read Full Report →


June 25, 2017

Another half day limit. Took a bit to find them this morning but once we did it was on. We will go the extra mile to make sure you have the best experience possible. Nice big crabs also help… Read Full Report →

Coho mania

June 25, 2017

Epic afternoon charter, Coho mania has arrived. Looks like we are going to have another super active Coho year. This afternoon we hooked a better part of 35+ fish some even beeing some nice Chinook. Still have tomorrow am… Read Full Report →

Bites on

June 24, 2017

Full days pay off for these guys. Had our limit of Chinook before 8am released a bunch, went to the bottom and limited, limit of crab and back to the dock for a late lunch! Bite is on and… Read Full Report →

Don't think twice

June 23, 2017

What a great afternoon charter following a awesome morning. The bite was on big time tonight and found some really nice fish as well and some real beauties released. I just had a cancellation for Monday, so I'm available. Read Full Report →


June 22, 2017

Great afternoon charter we found the bait and the fish. We caught lots of Coho and Chinooks, quantity not quality kinda day haha. Had some nice big male crabs as well, sunny, flat calm, what's better? Read Full Report →

Bites on

June 21, 2017

Great day with great people. The bite was on all day for our full day charter, lots of action between keeper Chinooks, Coho, and undersize. The group was saying they probably released 30 + fish. We have a strong… Read Full Report →

Bites on

June 20, 2017

A very good bite was on tonight, we showed up at the right time just before tide change and had approximately 20 hook ups in the first hour. Then went down to a bite every 10 or 15 mins.… Read Full Report →

June Coho

June 19, 2017

Bit of a grind today but we did scratch a few up. Really got to make your bites count these last few days. We got a nice fish and lost 3 good ones, the Coho are starting to show… Read Full Report →

June 17 and last few days

June 17, 2017

Bit of an ok morning charter, fishing seems to be leveling out. Got this nice one, let some just unders go as well as wild Coho which are nice to see. Let's see what the afternoon charter turns out… Read Full Report →


June 14, 2017

Got out and limited out before the big wind storm for today and tomorrow. The girls from saskatchewan got em in the boat better then most. We had many more we let go as well. The crab traps where… Read Full Report →

Big bites

June 11, 2017

Stick and stay make it pay kind of day. With big tides and killer whales around we held out for the bite today. It was worth it we got these three nice ones, lost a few big bites, and… Read Full Report →

Now is the time

June 09, 2017

We had some choppy, tuff conditions this morning but we fished through it and really made it happen. I had Wes out today a lucky single rider. We caught lots of fish and high graded 4 nice springs out… Read Full Report →

Gotta get out here

June 07, 2017

Fishing is excellent still, had more regulars out with me today and they made it pay. I'm getting calls everyday where I have to inform people I am booked this summer. If your thinking of a day let me… Read Full Report →


June 05, 2017

Another productive day on the water, had some regulars out with me today. The weather was beautiful, herring where balling up, whales were munching, and the fish were biting....big time. Notice all the different colors of fillets? That means… Read Full Report →


June 04, 2017

Fishing was very good today, had 25+ fish hooked for the morning tide. Spent the afternoon looking for a few bottom fish, got a couple Ling Cod even a few more springs on the jigs! I still have 2… Read Full Report →


June 03, 2017

Stick and stay make it pay day on the water today. Got these 6 Chinook, missed a few and let some little ones go. Battled some weird weather and tide this morning but being out for a full day… Read Full Report →


May 28, 2017

It was a lings, springs and other things kinda day for these newbies to salt water fishing. They caught Snapper, Ling, Salmon, Crab and other bottom things. Saw Whales, Seals, Sealions, birds all on a flat calm day. You… Read Full Report →


May 27, 2017

Solid day on the water. Bait and springs are back and bottom fish were easy. Now is the time to get out. Weathers great and I only have a couple days open this week. Book em before they go… Read Full Report →


May 25, 2017

What a fantastic day, had regular guest Don out. We were fishing on flat calm seas, sunny weather, amongst hay stacks of bait and grey whales. The bite was on big time. Can't stress enough that it's the time… Read Full Report →

Don't miss out

May 21, 2017

Lings, Springs, and other things. Now is the time to come out!!!!! Can't stress this enough that may and June are the best Read Full Report →


May 20, 2017

Nice quick limits today we were limited out in two hours. Now is the time to get out. May and June are the best. Read Full Report →


May 19, 2017

Fishing was great today. The guests went with the 6hr day and it paid off. We limited and let a few salmon go by the half way point then got some cod fishing in. Pulled our crab traps, they… Read Full Report →


May 18, 2017

What a good karma afternoon charter. Great guests that got to come out from winning a trip I donated. Fishing was good right after line drop. We kept these three, wish we saw a few that got away, and… Read Full Report →

Great may day

May 07, 2017

Fun day out. Second in command Kim had me out today. Annnnnd she found em, got me these two and about 20 others. One of the best bites of the year and lots of bait. Few more good tides… Read Full Report →

Great day

May 06, 2017

Great flat calm day on the water. The first Salmon spot was a bust, the water to litered with alge to fish or the fish to see. Went out and hammered our bottom fish nice and fast. Showed up… Read Full Report →

Bit tough today

May 03, 2017

These the life. In town for the Canadian PGA golf qualifier at Crown Isle. They snuck in a fish this afternoon. Conditions were a bit rough but we grinded a few out. Read Full Report →

The fishing has been excellent

April 29, 2017

Perfect day on the water. The Chinooks were hungry this morning and showed up on Q for the start of May. We also got some jumbo Crab to top this blue bird day off. Read Full Report →

April fishing

April 24, 2017

Beauty blue bird skies out of Comox today. The fish and bait are sure moving around alot. Had a very active morning and kept this nice fatty. The tides are great and the brown alge is starting to clean… Read Full Report →

The fishing has been excellent

April 21, 2017

Another beauty day. Little bit of a slower morning but we grinded em out in the end. These guys are moving around lots. Fishing is only getting better day to day. Still excellent crab fishing. Read Full Report →

The fishing has been excellent

April 20, 2017

Finally a break in the weather. Great day out, plenty of fish to the boat and check out all these crab. Next available day is Sunday. It's the last 2 weeks of our winter deal! Read Full Report →

Winter fishing

April 01, 2017

Turned out to be a good day out here. Fishing wasn't all the hot but our guests caught some first ever salmon, got one for dinner, and released a few cute ones. Read Full Report →

March 5th

March 05, 2017

Some pictures from our charter yesterday. It was a beautiful day with returning guests from Saskatchewan. We had 13 salmon to the boat with a few more bites, lots of wildlife, bait, and good company. Even a couple of… Read Full Report →

Winter salmon fishing

February 12, 2017

After just over a month up north fishing geoducks I am finally finished and heading home. That means it's time to dust the snow off, fire up the heater and get out there and hammer some winter springs. Reports… Read Full Report →


December 11, 2016

Happy holidays. We have some great announcements for Island Pursuit Sport Fishing. 1. We have upgraded many items for fishing and the boat for this coming season. Starting with our halibut rod and reel combos, new Island Pursuit green… Read Full Report →

Ready to go.

September 21, 2016

The boat has its full enclosers on and ready for the fall and winter fishery. Seasonal rates run October to April and fishing stays good in Comox year round. Read Full Report →

After a very busy summer

September 19, 2016

After a very busy successful summer season, we are now coming to our fall/winter season. This season can be just as fun with many local and feeder salmon around. Our boat is rigged up for all weather fishing. Hope… Read Full Report →

After a busy summer

September 04, 2016

Had an awesome day on the water. I have had a fully booked summer and finally have a few spots available. Hope to hear from you Read Full Report →

Fishing had been excellent

July 03, 2016

Sorry for he delay In reports. We have been fishing like crazy. We are now in peak season and fishing had leveled out and big fish and coho have arrived. Read Full Report →

The fishing has been excellent

June 07, 2016

A good full day. We had windy conditions this morning so started the day off with some bottom fishing got our snappers and a ling. Once it calmed down we started salmon fishing and once again battled approx 30… Read Full Report →

The fishing has been excellent

June 04, 2016

Another amazing day. The coho have shown up and the limit so far is one per person, hatchery fish only. This morning they were almost pesky. In total we got 26 fish to the boat. Few keeper chinook but… Read Full Report →

Great fishing lately

May 30, 2016

Another great May day with flat calm weather and perfect tides. Today we went on a bottom fishing charter and got our limit of lings and snappers. We even got a bonus chinook! Bottom fishing is available on full… Read Full Report →

The fishing has been excellent

May 25, 2016

Another ok day. We delt with some un forcasted weather this morning that chased us down to hornby, not the best tide for it. We managed to battle the weeds to pick up a nice one lost a few… Read Full Report →

May and June are the best

May 23, 2016

Another day that proves why we like May so much. We were on the fish today, probably our most productive day so far. We got 26 chinook salmon to the boat today. The fishing is strong and should stay… Read Full Report →

Best fishing is here

May 17, 2016

I love May, I love May, I love May another great day. We came out for a quick one this afternoon and ended up with this beauty and a few others. If your thinking of fishing May and June… Read Full Report →

Big bite on today

May 15, 2016

Another great day. We had 11 nice salmon to the boat. These fish haven't been huge they are In the 10 to 20 pound range but they have been putting on incredible fights. I have a few days open… Read Full Report →

May madness

May 14, 2016

May madness continues! Another great afternoon charter everyone catches a fish. I still have a single rider spot available tomorrow for 130. Read Full Report →

Fishing comox in may

May 13, 2016

The fishing had stayed strong today. We had 2 double headers, a few others and a 17 pounder to top it off. I have a single rider spot for sunday 130. Contact me if interested. Read Full Report →

May is awesome

May 12, 2016

Another great day 9 fish and a full limit. This is prime time to go. The weather is perfect and the fishing at its best. Read Full Report →

An absolutely amazing afternoon.

May 09, 2016

An absolutely amazing afternoon. Great for the soul I have the next few days available and the weather and fishing are great. I have a deal on till the end of the month. $500 flat rate. Read Full Report →

The fishing has been excellent

May 07, 2016

The fishing has been excellent lately with most charters getting there limit. Read Full Report →