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Barred Hogfish Day

May 02, 2018

Mike wanted to go our and try various techniques for drift fishing and fishing on the anchor. We took 15 kgs of mackerel for chum and fed this out over the 4 hour period. Using a light 215/30 lbs… Read Full Report →

1/2 day Big Game Fishing

April 29, 2018

On the 29th May we had a 4 hour trip with a single client for Big Game Fishing. We headed out at 1000 hrs and headed for Funchal to avoid really choppy seas off the point at Ponta do… Read Full Report →

Wahooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 04, 2018

Our first trip out for 2018 on a beautiful sunny day and we landed a nice Wahoo 36kg. Read Full Report →

Nice long billed spear fish

August 29, 2017

Caught and released a nice long billed spear fish 25lbs on Tuesday 29th August. Read Full Report →

What a whopper!!

July 30, 2017

We had the pleasure of having Magnus from Norway on the boat for his first ever Big Game Fishing experience. He booked a 4 hour trip, which by Big Game Fishing standards is extremely short. However after just 1… Read Full Report →

A good week.

June 11, 2017

The trips were over 4 days and we trolled a spread of five lures from the boat with the main colours being blue/white. The Marlin weighed an estimated 500 lbs and took just over 45 minutes in the chair… Read Full Report →

8yr olds biggest fish yet!!

April 13, 2017

FISHING REPORT 13/04/2017 We took a father and his 2 sons aged 8 & 12 year for 4 hours of Bottom Fishing. Due to the ages of the children we decided to fish quite shallow and so went to… Read Full Report →

A good way to end the day!!

April 01, 2017

A nice 4 hours bottom fishing topped off with coming back to the house to enjoy the days catch with a beer and a glass of wine in the beautiful sunshine. Fish caught were Trigger fish, red snapper and… Read Full Report →

Bottom fishing

March 30, 2017

We had 4 guys from Finland for a 4 hour session bottom fishing and the results were reasonable with a number of Red Snapper, Brown Grouper and Cardinal Wrasse being landed. The results could have been better but the… Read Full Report →

2 nice beauties!!

September 27, 2016

We tried deep water Jigging using Alutecnos Blue Jigging rods and Daiwa Saltist Nero Reels 6500 (supplied by Rokmax) with 50 lbs braid line and 300/400 gm jigs, each with double assist hooks, (supplied by Rokmax). The first fish… Read Full Report →

Big Eye Tuna

July 30, 2016

Another 1st for a client on "Gavito" - after trying for a Big Eye Tuna for at least 8 years we are delighted that our client caught his first Big Eye Tuna with us today. It weighed in at… Read Full Report →

What a week!!

July 30, 2016

Well this week turned out to be a good one for Skipper Graham Venters on Gavito. Monday saw our best fish for over a month with a 700 lbs Blue Marlin being brought to the boat and successfully released… Read Full Report →


July 28, 2016

Today we caught a beautiful 4 kg spear fish, it was bought on the boat for photos and then released safely. Read Full Report →

700 lb Blue Marlin

July 25, 2016

The client has been trying to catch a Blue Marlin for the past 4 years without success, we are delighted that we have helped him fulfil his dream by catching this beautiful 700 lb Blue Marlin. Read Full Report →

Blue Marlin

July 15, 2016

A 300 lb Blue Marlin caught in the morning of 15th July just off Paul do Mar. It was bought along side boat and successfully released. Read Full Report →


May 01, 2016

Left Calheta at 0900 hrs and set the first lure at 0905 hrs. Fishes towards Funchal and ha a triple hit off Camera de Lobos. We let 2 fish run long and landed the first fish of 65 kgs.… Read Full Report →

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