Natasha - 42’ Avenger Fishing Reports

3' 5" Wahoo and two Blackfin Tuna

May 09, 2016

Leslie went Deep Sea fishing with us on the South side of ‪Aruba‬ and caught a 3' 6" ‪Wahoo‬ and two ‪Blackfin‬ ‎Tuna‬! Read Full Report →

Wahoo and Mahi Mahi caught in a Half Day

December 26, 2015

Ronald enjoyed a fishing trip with his son while visiting ‪Aruba‬ by Cruise ship. They caught a ‪Mahi Mahi‬ and ‪Wahoo‬! ‪ Read Full Report →

Fishing 18 pound barracuda & Beach trip

July 23, 2015

Chris and his family from New Hampshire visited ‪Aruba‬ for the first time and caught an 18 pound ‪‎barracuda‬ and had it mounted as a souvenir! They also enjoyed a beach trip afterwards. ‪ Read Full Report →

2 Wahoo and 1 Barracuda in Aruba!

March 26, 2015

Did you know that ‪‎Wahoo‬'s are also known as "Mulato" in ‎Aruba‬'s native language and ‪Barracuda‬'s are called "Picuda" due to their snake like appearance? On this day we caught 2 Mulato's and 1 Picuda (on the right)! Read Full Report →

25lb Wahoo in Aruba

February 21, 2015

Last Saturday morning we caught a 25lb Wahoo, also known as 'Mulato' in the native language, off the north coast of Aruba. The ocean was a little calmer than usual and we fought hard to reel it in!" -Captain… Read Full Report →

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