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Spawn in effect

March 30, 2020

Here is a big trout i fooled on a top water in clear shallow water. She was weighing almost 9 pounds 30 inches! Very nice fish i released! Spring is HOT! Read Full Report →

Father son Trip

March 28, 2020

Cameron showed his father wanted his father to catch a redfish while wade fishing. Very cool experience as you battle these fish in the water! We walked shallow clear shorelines walking into a mess of reds. Very fun father… Read Full Report →

Top water redfishing

March 27, 2020

Great morning for top water action. These guys got into redfish all morning and into mid day. Very cool sight watching redfish fish chase, and crush these lures! Guys had a blast. Read Full Report →

Action non stop

March 25, 2020

Fun group of guys learning hown to wade fish. We caught a mess of keeper redfish and a couple monsters fish. Redfish measured out to 33 inches and trout measured to 29 inches. Both big fish let go for… Read Full Report →

Spring is best

March 24, 2020

Spring is a HOT month for big spawning trout. Chasing them is my favorite as they are tough but very rewarding fight. This fish weight 8.25 pound's measuring 28 inches. Read Full Report →


March 23, 2020

These guys needed fish for a family fish fry! Perfect day as wind was light and clouds were thick. Redfish and trout limits all in the same hole. Read Full Report →

Big trout

March 21, 2020

Spring on my boat has been phenomenal.We are catching a lot of fish most days. Big trout season is here and this morning we found some big ones! Plenty of redfish. Read Full Report →

In between

February 17, 2020

Big front hit we found some good water clarity and good fish in it. We had multiple trout from 3-6 pound range and couple redfish to boot. Over great trip as clients wanted to catch and release. We released… Read Full Report →

Out and about

February 15, 2020

Well having seen the weather i headed on out for myself. Chasing after trout was on the agenda i set out from south padre and found myself in a great redfish bite. I left the reads bitting and found… Read Full Report →


February 13, 2020

Went out late morning as fog just thinned out. Jumped off and begun our wade fishing and found ourselfs in area holding some big fish. Couple minutes in a landed a big trout weighing almost seven pounds. She was… Read Full Report →

Heating up

February 12, 2020

Better late then never i say. Our fishing has heated up. Fish are gorging on mullet and we are talking full advantage of it. We waded a sand bar and caught tons of fish. Redfish loved a quick top… Read Full Report →

Days off

February 10, 2020

I had a day off and decided to head on out to the water while it was blowing 30+ found some good water clarity and begun my wade. Catching some keeper trout i ran into some big fish! Very… Read Full Report →

Phenomenal fishing

February 07, 2020

We set out from south padre island early morning. Got to our first spot quickly indicating a big bait line. We began are wade and walked right in a mess of redfish. For about two hours clients had limited… Read Full Report →


February 05, 2020

I am ready when you are! People ask when is the best time for fishing down on the coast. Winter! With cool temperatures are fish tend to bulk up having a much more chance of having a really successful… Read Full Report →

Warm winter

February 01, 2020

With having a very inconsistent winter our fishing has stayed consistently good. We are seeing plentiful of bait on our flats which are holding good numbers of redfish and trout. One trip we chased after snook and had a… Read Full Report →


January 30, 2020

Clients came down just looking for a bite. We set out of port Mansfield and quickly got on some good water. We threw soft plastics early morning and clients quickly limited out on trout. We literally caught trout all… Read Full Report →


January 23, 2020

Fun outting with this family. Kids never thrown artificial lures, but were willing to learn. We left from arroyo city finding ourselves in some good redfish waters. We threw soft plastics at some nice redfish in about 2ft of… Read Full Report →


January 02, 2020

South padre island is a great destination. Clients came down for their fiest trip to the island. We set out early morning on the chase for fish. Weather was perfect and we quickly got on some fish. Redfish and… Read Full Report →

Arroyo city

October 12, 2019

Some of best fishing has begun. Fall months producing a great bite, guys had plenty of action this morning. KWigglers red and white ball tail and paddle tail caught most of our fish. If your looking for a fishing… Read Full Report →


October 10, 2019

Guys come down every asking for a good redfish bite. Set out early morning first spot we found ourself in a great bite. Catching one, two, three, reds right away. We wade fished a bit further throwing lures at… Read Full Report →


September 13, 2019

Out in port Mansfield we chased school of redfish, didn't matter what you had tied on! Guys caught some oversize reds that we released. All on lures! Read Full Report →

2 days of fishing.

August 31, 2019

All the way down from houston these guys came well prepared! We set out early morning catching our reds knee deep on plastics. Once the temperature picked up we wade fished belly deep pot holes catching great numbers of… Read Full Report →

Guides day off.

August 21, 2019

Well i had a day for myself and i couldnt resist getting on the water knowing weather forcast was perfect. We got to our first spot quickly seeing bait getting chased by redfish. We got off and begun our… Read Full Report →

Booked thru fishing booker

August 15, 2019

Had a great group out of south padre. We chased after trout early morning getting our limits. We moved on over to deeper water fishing for schooling redfish. Guys had their 4 limits of redfish in an hour. Great… Read Full Report →

Blistering heat

July 30, 2019

Summer bite has been HOT. This day clients caught two trout one at 30inches another at 27inches. On client had never saltwater fished and that was no problem at all. He was able to bag his limit of trout… Read Full Report →

Afternoon trip

April 15, 2019

Young men slept in and waited for the afternoon bite. Afternoon being my favorite just being less boat traffic, making it for a nice evening. They asked for redfish so we did just that. Wade fished a shallow flat… Read Full Report →

First time.

April 14, 2019

This couple grew up on the lakes, but had never saltwater fished nor thrown artificial lures! We left early morning headed out on a breezy day. First spot we lined up and wade fished a waist deep shoreline holding… Read Full Report →

Afternoon Spring fishing

April 07, 2019

We set out around noon on the chase for redfish. Starting with a slow bite we begun catching small fish at our first two spots. Once the clock struck 3pm the bite was on! We wade fished a shoreline… Read Full Report →


April 02, 2019

Winter winding down these small cold fronts having been key to big trout. Setting out late afternoon we set out looking for trophy trout. North wind blowing at 20+ water stayed in good shape! First spot we did one… Read Full Report →

Its been GOOD!

March 31, 2019

Set out of port Mansfield, Texas and headed south! We chased redfish for two hours stumbling on a couple redfish on each wade. We threw plastics till our arms felt like jelly, wind was cranking! Guys able grab a… Read Full Report →

Gudies day off

March 21, 2019

A friend of my who guides hadn't been on the water for quite some time. So i made it a mission to do something different and chase flounder. We set out late morning missing the boat ramp traffic, and… Read Full Report →

Heating up

March 18, 2019

I enjoy a great top water bite and spring by far is some of the best top water fishing. Clients, and i left the dock searching for trophy trout. They had a plane to catch so we really only… Read Full Report →

Calm before the storm

March 14, 2019

Clients met me early in the morning and we left the boat ramp at dark. We began fishing at dark early in the morning Knowingly we only had a couple hours before the cold front blew in. Bait was… Read Full Report →

Sight fishing

March 04, 2019

Well we set out on a friday morning. It was very foggy setting the mood for a fishy morning. Pulled up to our first spot at 7 am about an hout into our first wade we linited out on… Read Full Report →

A butt load

March 03, 2019

Regualr clients from Houston asked to get on a redfish bite. We left from Port Mansfield fishing shallow shell flats. We got into one area catching some fish, but just not enough action. Turned the engine on and ran… Read Full Report →


February 26, 2019

Well spring bite is in full force! We left the dock early with clients and got to our spot only 15 minutes from the ramp. We geared up for wade fishing and slipped into the water. We walked about… Read Full Report →

One of those days.

February 17, 2019

Our weather mid February been pretty warm. With that said out flats fishing has turned for the best! We started our day late morning wade fishing sandy shorelines, throwing KWigglers plastics we found ourself in a decent trout despite… Read Full Report →

A whole lot of catching

February 15, 2019

Client and I started the trip early morning as i knew tide would be best at that time. We took 15 min boat to our first spot. Quickly we got into a ferious trout bite using Kwiggler plastics on… Read Full Report →

Winter Snook

February 10, 2019

Texas known for vibrant warm weather which makes our winter fishing very GOOD! We docked out of the Brownsville ship channel and worked rocky shorelines. We left at dark for it being the best tidal movement that day. We… Read Full Report →

Crystal clear water

February 04, 2019

Clients and I set out for a specific trip on sight casting to trophy trout. We set out early morning catching the tide just right. We entered a flat and quickly begun to see signs of life. We started… Read Full Report →

Thats a keeper!

February 01, 2019

Lovely couple jump on board and started the trip by saying " its been a while since ive fought a fish" THE PRESSURE WAS ON! Foggy morning made it for a fishy situation. First spot, BAM we caught several… Read Full Report →


January 30, 2019

Well client had never landed a snook, he had been all over florida and recently heard Texas has snook. One thing is certain our snook fishing has turned from good to great! We set out early morning out of… Read Full Report →

First time fishing no problem

June 23, 2018

Clients first time fishing! Myself specializing on fishing with artificial lures I began to show a couple of techniques. Right off the bat my client scott first cast landed a 27 inch trout. How about that! Boxing a couple… Read Full Report →

Summer fishing is in session.

June 06, 2018

Summer trout bite is on a roll down south! We ran north of south padre island with high temperatures of summer heat we found ourselves quickly wade fishing deeper water than usual "waist deep to belly deep" throwing soft… Read Full Report →

Not a morning person?

June 01, 2018

Fishing at times is much better in the afternoon. These boys visiting south padre island during a full moon we fished late. What a day! No boat traffic, and endless flat with active bait, didn't matter what we they… Read Full Report →

My off days I..

May 01, 2018

My buddy's laugh but I mean it! I just can not let them sleep! "Them" being the fish. On my off days I catch myself right back looking for a bite. South padre island has been exceptional fishing this… Read Full Report →

Warm water temps and filled coolers!

April 28, 2018

Fishing out of south padre island weather was gloomy. Light winds, cold, and rainy, but that did not stop a great group of fisherman. We started with top waters wading shallow grass flats instantly getting into a thick redfish… Read Full Report →

Beat those lures up!

April 07, 2018

Well to start off by saying having a great set of fisherman definitely helps the fishing guide. These guys came ready for battle! Fishing out of south padre island we worked sand bars, and spoil islands keying on deep… Read Full Report →

mother daughter fishing trip

March 15, 2018

Being on the water is great. Being on the water with family is special! We launched out of port Mansfield the day being cold and windy! Trout fishing was on the agenda being one of the best time of… Read Full Report →

More catching less fishing!

July 16, 2017

Clients jumped on board at 6:30am by 7am we were stringing trout on our first wade. First time these guys had ever wade fished! By 8:15am we were two trout short of a 5 man limit. We moved on… Read Full Report →

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