Zadar Boat Fishing Charters Fishing Reports

mission: monster dentex !

February 28, 2015

Zadar Boat on special fishing trip - deep troling for megadentex! Result: 2 great dentex 10 kg & 9,1 kg Read Full Report →

Amberjack & Dentex - live bait trolling

December 26, 2014

We had great fishing trip with live bait trolling tehnique; we caught 6 kg dentex (mediteranean snapper) , 10 kg amberjack and couple of other smaller fish. Read Full Report →

Big coastal predators - shallow trolling

October 06, 2014

Our guests wanted to experience coastal trolling with live bait in shallow water for big predators! We quickly catch several mackerels and needlefish for bait and started chasing big shallow water predators! Only 5 minutes later we had first… Read Full Report →