You and me going fishing in the dark!

August 05, 2017 by Clayton Simmons

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Speckled Trout

There are so many places to fish at night but I focus on the dock lights.  At sunset, I put the boat in at incoming tide.  With every move, I was looking for new docks with low lights to fish.  I always mark them down in case I end up in the same area one night.  The big ones don’t want to be seen so when approaching lights, stay down current and cast up current.  Fish the perimeter of the light first, then the light’s shadow.  Let your bait drift naturally under the dock light.  Whenever the bite tapers off, LEAVE!  Go!  Trout are smart and my experience is the first 2 or 3 fish will be the biggest.  30 trout and 2 hours later I was back in the truck.  By midnight I was in bed counting trout jumping over the moon.  The bite @ night is hot, it’s a safe trip and a lot of fun.  Book today with Time Flies Fishing!

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