Florida Keys Dolphin Championship

Trip Info


Trailered the boat to Key West for the weekend tournament:

Pre-fished for four-hours on Friday - 7/7 on schoolie dolphin

Saturday blowing 15-20 knots SE, 5/7 ft sea’s - 1000’ water found a floating plastic container, which we trolled then live baited. 16/23 on schoolie dolphin, missed a wahoo (bite-off), Female angler Adriana Somberg site cast to a 12lb bull dolphin which took the Key West district ladies division, Great job Adriana!!

Sunday blowing 15-20 knots SE, 6/8 ft sea’s - Trolled the west wall, scattered weed produced 7/10 on schoolie dolphin. Ran back inside, for the last hour of fishing, to 400 ft of water Kite fished - 2/3 schoolie dolphin with 20 plus peanuts in the chum/dredge and a frigate attacking the live bait on the kites, very cool too see.

Thanks to our charter guests Chris & Heather, even though we didn’t find the big dolphin, it was a great weekend!!

Monday - Lay day

Tuesday 5/19/15 - crew fishing day, bottom fished - 1 black grouper, 2 red grouper, 1 cubera snapper & 8 yellow tail snapper. Nice four hours of bottom fishing…

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