Summer Bite Heats Up

August 20, 2017 by Jesse Gawlik

Trip Info


Gulfstream The bite has been steady in the stream. We have been targeting Mahi and Black fin. The bite has been good in the 50+ mile range. Finding clean blue water full of nutrients and bait is the key to catching fish during the heat of summer.  I always look for 3 things bait, structure, tides. We have been trolling small ballyhoo on small Ilanders on #2 planner with 30 ft 60 lbs floro carbon spring line. We have caught must of our mahi on this set up in the passed 2 weeks.  We have been catching must of our blackfin on small bait less UV skirts rigs. Such as Fathom half pints, Sea Vixens. Good colors have been black/purple, blue/white flying fish, green/white.

Nearshore: While trolling we are catching solid numbers of Spanish mackerel 1-5 miles off Wrightsville. We are catching them while trolling 00 sliver and pink/sliver Clarkspoons spoons. Use #1 planner with 40ft 20lbs floro leaders. In the 5-10 mile range king bite has been steady. Most of the kings have been undersized but there are keeper kings in that range as well. We are catching keeper kings on our rods that are set 100ft-150ft back from the boat.

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