Minnesota Gone Wild!

May 20, 2015 by Timothy O'Malley

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The morning started off beautiful and the sun was shining. The winds were picking up but that was not going to stop me and my smiling group of tourists from Minnesota. We set off and were determined to land as many fish as we can and enjoy, despite any weather conditions. Once the bait were caught we locked onto the King Mackerel spot on the GPS. We dropped down the outriggers and let the excitement build for the guests, first handline experience of their life. At first the fish were being tough and not wanting to get hooked, as soon as we were going to head off to another spot the lines started getting hit. The smiles came upon the faces of everyone and it was game time. By the time the lines were being pulled in and baited again, they would be hit as fast as they dropped back down deep. After catching what they wanted and even realeasing many more we darted over to another hot spot. Now it was time to get out the rod and reels and sink them down 80 feet and hope for the best. After a short period of time the lines were getting tight. The thrill and smiles on the faces of my guests were making me once again realize how much I love fishing. Red Snappers and trigger fish were plentiful but they were all thrown back due to regulations and sizes. Another successful day in the books!

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