Fall Fishing is Heating up!

September 19, 2017 by Jesse Gawlik

Trip Info

The Catch
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
King Mackerel (Kingfish)
Barracuda (Great)

Nearshore: Spanish Mackerel and King Mackerel bite has been steady in 20 ft - 40ft of water along the beach front trolling over drop offs and structure. Spanish have been on the larger size this week. 18’‘-23’‘. The kings are ranging from 24’‘-28’’ on the small size.  There has been a lot of bait holding between 25ft - 40ft of water. We are trolling with 4 rods. 3 with #1 planners ranging from 30ft - 75ft behind boat. 1 rod with #2 planner least 100 ft behind boat. The #2 planner rod rod catching the fish when its rough or the bite is slow.  All rods are rigged with sliver/pink and solid silver clarkspoons and 20 lbs floro/mono 40ft leaders attached each planner with small ball bearing snap swivel.

Offshore: Mahi bite has been solid in 100 ft-120 ft of water. Good blue water that is full of bait. Trolling over structure and fishing a rising tide is the key to putting them in the boat. It seems the Mahi have pushed out to deeper water this week. We are using small blue/white, red/white, and green/white Ilanders rigged with small ballyhoo on a 4 rod outrigger spread. Same set up should apply while fishing the Gulfstream.  We are also running 2 skirt rigs on flat lines on the edge of the prop wash 30ft back. UV limegreen/white bait less skirt rigs are working best early in day. The King Mackerel bite has been best in the 60 ft-75 ft of water. Good blue water full of bait. Trolling over deep ledges and drop offs has been working great this week. We are trolling with white/sliver flash Drone spoons on #6 planners with 50 ft 100 lbs floro/mono leaders. Trolling with small Ilanders rigged with small ballyhoo has also been paying off on the planner rods.

Gulfstream:  The Wahoo and gaffer Mahi bite is picking up in 30 - 40 fathoms. Hot Wahoo colors are black/purple black/red Ilanders rigged with large ballyhoo on flat lines are producing nice fish. Lures for Mahi and Blackfin tuna have been small Ilanders rigged with small ballyhoo on outriggers set in the choppy water outside the white water prop wash. Blackfin tuna have been biting the best on small uv green/white or uv blue/white bait less skirt rigs.

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