Tampa Fishing Charters Fish Catching

May 28, 2015 by David N Beede Jr

Trip Info

The Catch

Fishing is not fishing it is Catching!  Tarpon everywhere!  Shark all over and the big guys too! Giant Snook prowling everywhere and they eat.  Just be patient and you will get your trip fish!  The one you will never forget!  Redfish are all over too!  We get 2-3 shots at them but the Snook really steal the show pretty much every single bait!  Trout are in good numbers too!  Action is consistent with Redfish and Snook.  Mackerel are fired up for just the right presentation!  I love their screaming runs and they are BIG!!!  I mean they are big!  So a little hook probably will not do the trick!  Nice split of metal and long shank works great! 

I have been pretty busy not taking pictures but I can tell you that if you wanted to catch a giant over 40 inch Snook now is the time.  You want to catch slot fish.  Now is the time!  Hope to see you all on the water!  Be good and be good at it!

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