Junes Fishing for the Florida Keys

May 28, 2015 by Matt Bellinger

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June is here and we are half way through the year already and so is great summertime action!  The offshore waters have settled into a nice pattern with the constant East - South East winds that keep the Gulf Stream tucked in close to the island chain and that acts like an all you can eat bait buffet for the fish we all love to catch. June is always welcomed around these parts because of the wonderful choiceswe have to make when it comes to fishing, the simplist one to go for is the insane Dolphin bite that begins this month.  Grouper season opened with a BANG! and hasn’t really showed any signs of slowing down, Yellowtail snapper fishing has been epic and all along the reefline the reports are fantastic for many other species.  Summer begins this month and Tarpon anglers will be staking out on oceanside flats edges looking to ambush Daisy Chains of these magnificent Silver Beasts the most challenging gear you can use to catch them with…. Buggy whips and feathers, in other words they will be trying to convince sharped eyed fish that are old as the dinosaurs to eat piles of thread, feathers and fur lashed to a hook!  It is an amazing site to see as large schools of Tarpon meander their way down the deep edge of the flats on journeys that we know very little about. Bonefish and Permit can be found on these same flats and Bones have been showing up on a much more regular basis around town.
The great thing about fishing here in the florida Keys is that the waters that surround our Island home is varied more so than in any other place on this watery world we inhabit.  After fishing the reef or offshore waters I can aim my 24 foot bay boat towards the bridges and in no time at all I will be cruising the warm shallow waters of the Everglades National Park.  Here we fish for Snook, Reds, Seatrout and so many other fantastic fighting fish.  We have Tarpon out back too but if you want to fight a true Beast this time of the year you need to try shark fishing!  We have Tigers, Bulls, Lemons and Blacktips that will readily take a fly, plug and of course they will pile drive a chunk of cut bait.  top top it off this takes place in shallow clear water to where you can sight fish for these amazing fighters. The ENP is a true treasure and is very underutilized by us here in South Florida, take some time to explore these amazing waters this Summer and enjoy the backside of our Island chain.

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