Tailing Big Reds

May 31, 2015 by Brian "Bucky" Goldman

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I had the privilege to take Rick and his wife Annette fishing. Annette is a recent survivor of breath cancer!!! She said all she want to do is go fishing. She told me they never really catch anything when they go fishing. I told them that we were going to have to change that. After being previously stood up at the dock buy some other guide the finally came to the right place. After a short run we were quickly on a school of big tailing reds. The first red we caught was an upper slot size fish which gave her a little practice before having to reel in the big ones. Throughout the day we chased the fish hooking up four more times. We had some company during the trip as well. A sweet manatee kept close bye all day. Annette was really entertained by out little friend. On the way home we stopped by one more spot and found a giant school of big bull reds. Although for some reason they would eat anything it was still amazing watching 100+ reds, tailing and daisy-chaining 20 feet off the bow of our boat. Next time we will get these fish to bite.

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