June 01, 2015 by Randy Rode

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The catching season for Dorado continues on without an apparent end here on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Every day, the local fleet continues to bring in really good catches of our most favorite, all around fish the Dorado. I have seen some big bulls pushing the 50# class and up!.....along with plenty of smaller and medium-sized fish. The Dorado is truly the “Fisherman`s Favorite Fish”......great eating, has the fastest reproductive and growth rate of all fishes, gives a great fight, jumps, and isn`t usually shy to take a bait, now who could ask for more?...........almost forgot, Dorado is one of the very best of all the eating fishes, and we will fillet all the fish you need for you and your friends to make a big fish fry. Here at North Coast Sportfishing and B&B, we don`t fight you for YOUR fish, we are happy to provide you with all the meat you can eat!

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