New Years Fishing

January 08, 2015 by Tony Zain

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I hope everyone had a great New Year!!!  Fishing has been interesting for this time of year, but very good!  The past 2 weeks we did a lot of bottom fishing trips with very good success.  We had families and people who just wanted to bend a rod with anything that bites.  And what better way to do this then fishing the wrecks off Key Biscayne.  A couple of trips we were catching fish every drop down.  We caught a mixed bag of grouper, mutton snapper, triggerfish, porgies, tilefish, grunts, and spanish mackerel.  We then had a couple of trips drifting the edge of the reef.

The weather has been so warm the past 2 weeks that the fishing has been almost summer like on the edge of the reef.  Drifting with live threadfin herring we have been catching kingfish, bonito, mahi mahi, and mutton snapper on the bottom rod.  We have only had a couple of sailfish bites the last 2 weeks.  The weather has just been too warm to really get them snapping.

This week we are going to get a good cold front, and it should push a bunch down.  I have been really surprised at how good the kingfish have been biting.  This week we finally started to get some good size ones.  Most of our bites have been on the live bait rods that we rig with 2 ounce sinkers to fish anywhere from 20 to 40 feet down.  We put on a 2 ounce egg on our braid main line.  Then we tie on a 80lb spro swivel.  To that we connect a 10 foot piece of 40lb Ande mono leader.  Then to that another spro swivel,  where we haywire twist a 2 foot piece of #4 wire leader.  Then tie a 4/0 VMC red circle hook via a haywire twist.  We have caught more kingfish and bonita on this rig then anything else this month.  This rig will also catch wahoo, sharks, and any other toothy critter that is swimming just below the surface.  You can drift this rig or slow troll it.

I hope everyone had a good holiday!!!!  Lets get out and fish!!!

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Captain Tony Zain

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