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Past week was a fisherman's dream

June 07, 2015 by Sidney Silberberg

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The past week was a fisherman’s dream the weather was great and the bass plentiful.  I had a few trips set up for the week the first was Carl and his brother-in-law Dave.  We caught bass up to four pounds and one three pound trout.

The next day I took out David and Brandon who is fifteen years old had a good day caught limits of bass to 4+ pounds and a trout.  That evening I got a call from David that the y had such a great time could I take them out again the following day which I did.  It was a great fishing day again with huge bait balls all over the lake we were catching bass like crazy.

I took out John the following day and headed straight to the area where the bait balls had been the day before.  We were back to the launch ramp by two o’clock after catching over twenty bass the largest 6+ pounds.  It was non stop with all the bass being caught in the top ten feet of water and we were fishing anywhere from 40 to 120 feet of water.  We were able to cast just about anything and it worked.  What I enjoyed the best was using a wacky worm set up smeared with “Procure Scent” any flavor seemed to work and casting it into the bait ball and watching the bass smack into it.

My friend Dr. Randy came up for a day of fishing and I told him the fishing was great all week and I hoped it would continue.  The night before the wind had picked up quite a bit and it scattered those wonderful bait balls so I had to look for them.  I trolled the big rocks by Monticello Ski School using my favorite blue and silver crank bait and he stood at the bow casting a top water chugger and on his eleventh cast he got slammed but didn’t react fast enough so no fish.  We headed to the Ranch house next and saw some bait balls but nothing like the days before and with no size to speak of bass.

Next I headed to the stumps and then the Vineyards with no luck either.  I decided to try one more area past the bridge and past the boy scout camp where the trees are sticking out of the water and Randy loved the area.  I set him up with brass and glass with a wide gap hook and a senco worm using crawdad garlic Procure scent texas rig and on his second cast into the trees he set the hook on a 3+ pound bass.
He ended up catching some nice bass in this area and told me he loved this spot.  Please enjoy the attached photos.

‘til next week…good fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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