Red Snapper

June 14, 2015 by Darren Evendon

Trip Info


Welcome friends of fishing.
The wind once again persisted to create challenges for offshore fishing.
So I will tell you all a short yarn.
Bob came for a trip on the Pacemaker to show us how he can fish. Looking at Big Bob, we didn’t dis-agree with much he had to say.
Even though each nice Red Snapper landed was followed by Bob saying, “his was bigger!”, we had a teriffic session, catching enough fish for a feed. Bob fought a 7ft Tiger Shark to the boat and released it. Computa_Dude didn’t do too bad either, catching a nice Red Snapper on a drifting pillie. We had a barbie (BBQ) on the deck, some cold softies and plenty of stories from all.
Anyway, we under estimated our guest Bob.
After an ear bashing we laid on the challenge during the trip home and Bob produced this photo.
So the moral is:
Red Snapper are a prize catch for any fisherman, size doesn’t always matter! Only when you lose it.
Next challenge Bob, get another one!

Coming up is the Rainbow Beach Fishing Competition in July. Win big prizes.
Pacemaker is available for the week starting 3rd July for a lucky team.
Plan to use the big electrics 40 to 50 mile offshore. Hope to catch prize winning giants.
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