Plenty of Snapper still available

June 10, 2015 by Ryan Gill

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Red Snapper season is well under way and most of the public spots have been fished pretty hard.  There are still plenty of snapper in state waters to be caught.  Knowing what to look for is key to filling your freezer.  Although the snapper tend to be smaller in size, natural bottom will produce a consistent bite.  Coral, rocks, limestone ledges will all hold snapper.  Additionally, it will increase the chances of other varieties being caught in the process. Private structure such as chicken coops or pyramids will hold larger snapper but this time of year even those are picked over pretty well.  Its important to only take a few fish from these reefs and move on to the next spot.  This will preserve the population longer and you will be able to catch quality snapper there all season.  Although these spots are not easily located without exact coordinates, if you have one or find one, take good care of it!  As far as tactics, live cigar minnows, small pinfish and herring will do the trick.  The traditional carolina rig is the best way to set up for snapper.  A 6-8oz weight above a swivel and then a 3-4 foot 60-80lb leader connected to a 7/0 circle hook rounds out the rig.  One thing I like to do is place a bead between the weight and swivel.  This protects the knot from the abuse of a lead weight and prevents high break offs. 

Good luck out there and be responsible fishermen, know the relations and be safe above all else.

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