Big Hapuku time!

June 30, 2015 by Pete Lamb

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The last couple of deepwater trips have been excellent for Hapuklu (groper) with fish up to 35kgs caught. There’s still a few snapper and kingfish getting caught too even though the water is pretty cold. Tarakihi and bluecod fishing is at its best during the winter. These fish are superb eating and good fun to catch. We ran a fishing comp two weeks ago in wellington with around 200 anglers entered. Some good fish were caught including snapper, kingis, hapuku, warehou elephant fish and others. Our biggest puka was hooked by a chap called Max’s mother in law. She was struggling with it so Max took over and helped her out. Unfortunately the fish wasn’t eligible for the comp as two people fought the fish. Luckily Max caught the next heaviest at 17kg and still won the heaviest hapuku section. The moral of the story is - always help your mother in law pull in the biggest fish of the day even if it means disqualifying her catch in the comp, just kidding!
There’s been some excellent trevally fishing at the harbour entrance recently. One of our comp entrants caught 6 last week
happy fishing, come and visit us in Wellington for some superb all year round fishing

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