Great Bite this week! Keeps improving!

Trip Info


This week the bite improved significantly compared to last week. Below is our week’s fishing report:

6/25/2015 Morning trip: Had three bites, and managed to catch a monster jack crevalle over 25 pounds after a 20 minute fight
6/29/2015 Morning trip: Had 3 tarpon bites and caught all 3 of them. Ranging from 15-35 pounds
6/30/2015 Morning trip: Had 4 bites, and caught 2 tarpon. Ranging from 10-25 pounds
7/1/2015 Morning trip: Had 2 huge tarpon bites, caught a 40 pounder and pulled the hook on a 70+ pounder on the jump!
7/2/2015 Morning trip: Went reef fishing and caught a beautiful mutton snapper and a nice mackerel. Good for eating!
7/3/2015 Morning trip:  Had 2 tarpon bites and pulled the hook on both of them on the jump after five minute fight.

Still have a couple of openings this week! Bite keeps improving!

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