7 day fishing swains reef

June 20, 2015 by Norval Reef Charters

Trip Info


RED COUNTRY this trip we found a good patch of red emperor the boys never got on to as many as that before we brought up 9 one after another 5 were size 0ne was quite small but the others nealy made it all next years model on the trowel was good with 20 spanish the best was all 4 rods at once we landed 3 every one had a ball , the wether was bad blowing 30 more offen than 10 , at least the beer was cold so the boys tucked in had a good spred of fish in variety and size GREAT TRIP SAD ABOUT THE WETHER

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The Norval is a very comfortable timber vessel ,with a great top deck for relaxing after a big day of fishing .In our charter costing the beer is fully supplied so bring a good thirst ,the Norval only does extended tours 3 / 6 / 9 day trips…

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