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Tarpon frenzy on flat, Permit too

July 03, 2015 by David Moloney

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Fished out of Key West with a repeat client, Chris fished with me in March and only fishes with fly rod. We want after Tarpon early and found fish in the backcountry rolling and moving on small baits, we couldn’t get more than a couple decent shots so we ended up moving. Our next spot was epic, I started pushing the boat and immediately we had a great shot at a Tarpon, he followed but no take, right after that a school of 25 Permit came right at the boat. We were set for Tarpon with Tarpon flies so no luck getting the Permit to eat. Then out of no where I saw a bunch of fish busting bait in slightly deeper water, they were all Tarpon. A giant bait ball moved its way onto shallow water and Tarpon had picked up on it. Next thing I know we are in the middle of a terrific feeding frenzy. We spent the rest of the trip watching Tarpon explode these tiny fish, it was amazing. We ended up having a couple Tarpon wat our fly and several others follow it, it was tough to get the eats because they were in the middle of so much bait the Tarpon could not see fly unless it was presented right in front of them after they made s move on the small fish. It was a fantastic experience and we saw many more Permit before we left as well.

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