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How to fish Cobourg Peninsula (Part 2)

July 07, 2015 by Hugh Gange

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Mangrove lined creeks and gutters towards the south of Trepang Bay and Port Essington offer productive barramundi and mangrove jack fishing throughout the year. All creek entrances are extremely shallow so you either want to be pushing into the creeks and gutters as soon as the tide permits otherwise lock yourself in. When doing a lock in you have plenty of time to become creative so make sure to fish the usual haunts (small flats gutters, eddies, snags etc.) with a range of lures. On an outgoing tide barra will stay on the flats around the mangrove fringes and feeder creeks as long as possible so keep an eye out. Small lures such as golden bombers and lightly jigged 5” pale/grey plastics work well as they don’t seem to spook the fish quite as easily. Don’t forget to cast at least 2m behind and in front of a moving barra so you can basically perform a drive by in front of their face. The dirtier the water the slower the retrieve.
Look for any structure in the water, especially when it’s on a bend and in deeper water. These will nearly always be holding either mangrove jack, golden snapper, mangrove cod, Queensland groper or barra. Make sure to get a soft plastic right amongst the structure so you can actually feel the lure tapping its way around the woodwork or rocks. If you’re not getting the odd snag then you’re not in the zone, be prepared to loose a few rigs. On the start of the incoming head to the mouth of the creeks and keep an eye out for threadfin salmon and barra on patrol. If these tides coincide with sundown then you should be on, dirty water won’t be a problem just pick a brighter lure and try fizzers.
Lets not forget either- there’s another 255 species of fish in the marine park that I haven’t mentioned so always expect the unexpected.

And to wrap up, my Cobourg tackle box always includes:
6” squid vicious gulps (nuclear chicken)
5”-6” jerk shad gulps (smelt and white)
5” squidgy shads (white lightning and green)
30g & 50g chromies
½oz and 1oz marabou jigs
80-135 Halco rooster poppers (pilchard and red neck)
120-160 Halco Laser Pro (white redhead and stripey)
Large Riedy B52 with gold or green tones
Tilsan barra (Red herring)
Golden bomber
10g-20g squid jig (pink)
1/4oz, 3/8oz, 1oz and 2oz jig heads
50lb and 80lb mono
80lb wire trace with crimps

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