Cannonvale Fishing Reports

Swains trip [hard line from airley]

July 04, 2015 by Norval Reef Charters

Trip Info


The wether played its part for most of the trip , alowing the boys to get into the dories had a mad day on red throat empour the top feeders were going well got 5 dogie macherial in a row but could not get a spanish then tuna after tuna blue and yellow but no spanish for the trip 3warhoo 10 tuna 15 dogies and 2 spanish thats fishing found a good hole with red empour 3 good size the boys gutted and gilled good for a brag on sunday lunch with the family a good number of coral trout and tuskies all and all a fair trip the boys had some good time drinking after fishing one of the boys was a mauri and of cause he had a guitar i think them boys are born with one [great fun]

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