April 17, 2018 Río San Juan 1 video

Trip Summary

April 17th........A day that Mason Boyhen will not soon forget! Mason fought to the boat and successfully released an estimated 150# Atlantic Blue Marlin. After a 30 minute fight on 30# test conventional tackle, Mason was able to have his photo taken with the valiant marlin, and help revive and release the fish. The bite took place after the family decided to go inshore to do some snorkeling in the crystal clear nearshore waters on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, where I keep my boat "VAMOS". The Laguna Gri-Gri, is the perfect location to keep a boat. The Laguna is a natural limestone dissolution sinkhole, and is filled with totally fresh water, which is replenished constantly by a fast running freshwater spring. Because of the freshwater runoff into the ocean and the cooler water temperatures in this area, we had some of the best and closest to shore coral formations, anywhere! But back to the fish, the marlin hit a black and purple Moldcraft Softhead lure, trolled deep. One of our most favorite lure patterns. The bite happened in 1,100` of water depth, just two miles offshore. Congratulations to Mason and the entire Boyhen family from myself and the crew of "VAMOS!"
Randy Rode
Rio-san-juan, Dominican Republic
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