Cabo San Lucas Fishing Reports

Great Marlin Action and Dorado too!

July 12, 2015 by Kenneth P. Busick

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Good afternoon guys, Captain Kenny Busick here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with my Cabo Fishing Report for July 12th, 2015.  It has been a REALLY great week for fishing here in Cabo and Fishing in La Paz has also been very, very good.  The big new for most of guys has been the Tuna schools that have been holding outside and up near Los Arcos.  There has also been very consistent Marlin Fishing here in Cabo and very good Marlin Fishing in La Paz down to Cerralvo Island area.  I got to fish a few days last week in La Paz and the Marlin Fishing from Punta Coyote down to about half way point from Cerralvo seemed to be the right area.  I was raising Black, Blue and a good number of Stripe Marlin on these trips.  Then later on in the week I came down to Cabo to fish the Samurai for guys from Texas and another group from Colorado.  Both of the trips we got were run South into the Sea of Cortez, since the guys from both groups decided to go out the night before and were pretty torn up when they showed up to the boat.  There was no way I was going to take these gentlemen 30 or 40 miles offshore or up into the Pacific side in their condition.  It turned out to be the right call to head South/East into the Sea of Cortez and stay out of the wind and swell.  The Marlin were not going crazy, but I was making 4 or 5 Marlin in a 6 hour day for these guys and also brought a couple Nice Dorado to the boat for them as well.  We had one BIG Blue Marlin that hit my Hong Kong and took off like a freight train!  Oh my GOD it was a beautiful site to see!  You cannot imagine how fast our hearts were racing when we saw her going completely airborne and all out of the water completely, except for her BIG FAT Tail. Absolutely the most exciting thing that we saw during the ENTIRE last week of fishing.  Shoot we didn’t even get a chance to bring her to the boat, but it didn’t matter.  Such an amazing site to see for all the guys and me too!  The big girl went full blast for about 30 seconds and then went back into the water and came blasting back out of the water with a fury and shook her head just that 1 exact right shake and we could all see our lure go flying into the air! NOOOOO!  Oh damn that was a NICE FISH!!!!  Kind of a BUMMER, but still what an amazing thing to see!  We made a couple more Stripe Marlin on this day, 1 Sail Fish and 1 Bull Dorado.  A few of the guys we fished declined our offer to photograph the days events.  The last group was ALL for it and so I have some pretty good photos from this day. The fishing in Cabo has been what most people would consider pretty good this last week.  Like I said a LOT of the guys were going outside or up into the Pacific Side for the Tuna.  The problem is that you have to have anglers that are able to make this kind of run and stay with us for the duration of the day, which could be 8 to 10 hours without any problems.  I know I have said it before, but if you are coming to go fishing with us in Cabo, please try and wait to party until AFTER your fishing trip. Really not a great idea to show up to the boat completely tore up to pieces from all the partying that you did the night before. Unless you know how to put on the Rally Cap and keep on trucking, please party on the night AFTER your fishing trip with us.  I promise you will have a LOT more fun fishing on the boat instead of puking!  I have enclosed photos for your review.  Fishing in Cabo is looking pretty good for next week.  I am scheduled to be out for a few days, so I will report back to you next week with all the exciting sport fishing action her in Cabo and La Paz.  If you are looking for great VIP service and the highest rated Trip Advisor boats in Baja, please give me a call or shoot me an email.  Samurai and Dragon are ready and waiting for you!  I am standing by to serve you.  Let’s get ready to fish em up soon!  Best regards, Captain Kenny Busick

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