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Toothy critters!! Shark week special

July 11, 2015 by David Moloney

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Sharks and big Baracudas roaming the flats, we caught big Sharks in 3 feet of water all day. We caught a few jacks and cut them up for chum bait to attract Sharks. It was not long after that we had sharks swimming behind the boat and they were hungry. We took live pinfish about 5 inches long, hooked in the back and cut a piece of its tail off. The bait is alive still but wounded enough to get the shark really excited. A simple cast to the Sharks snd game on, great fight and great sound of the drag as the fish takes off 100 yards away.
We also caught some really nice Cudas, one was measured at 51 inches, sight casting to these guys is exciting and they deliver a great speedy strike that makes anybody yell out in excitement. It was a toothy critter day that was full of action.

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