Cancún Fishing Reports

Cancun and Isla Mujeres Weekly Report

June 09, 2015 by Cancun Boat Club

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Fishing has been good this past week. Cancun and Isla Mujeres got hit by a storm that brought very heavy rains and strong winds that got up to 31 knots and wind gusts of 41 knots. It crosses all over the Yucatan Peninsula and head straight to Texas. During his way to the Gulf of Mexico the storm became a mayor tropical storm and hit Texas on this past June 19th with much power.
The storms did not affect Cancun and Isla Mujeres, the fishing has stayed the same during this past weeks.
In this time of the year trolling season is almost over and the bottom fishing season is starting.
We have been catching Grouper, Snapper, Red Snapper and some Amberjacks around 15 miles away from Cancun and Isla Mujeres.
We have to troll for some hours during the day and we have caught small and decent size mahi-mahi and some late season sailfish. Weather reports indicate that the climate is going to stay calm and great to go out fishing.

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