One for each!

June 30, 2015 by Brian "Bucky" Goldman

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Took some new clients from out of state to the Indian River in search for some big bull reds. Ross the father and his two boys, Chip and David. Ross said he wanted to get his boy a big red for his birthday and that is what we set out to do. The first spot I went to was loaded with boats, I guess the word was getting around about that school of reds. So we moved on and found another big school of reds that I knew about. Unfortunately, there was another boat working them. I correctly I might add. They were blasting full speed on their trolling motor at these fish and constantly pushing them from one place to the next. Finally, the boat lost the school, but I didn’t! I slowly worked my way into position and hooked up with our first red of the day. The other boat spotted us fighting that fish and quickly made his way over to us. We hooked another fish just as they got close, and that is when he trolled right along side of me and cut me off from the happy school and pushed the once again to god knows where. After landing that fish I sat patiently and waited for that other boat to leave and for the fish to return. We were rewarded with the biggest fish of the day for the birthday boy! Book your trip today and lets see if we can catch a fish of a lifetime.

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