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Family Fishing trip

July 17, 2015 by Jeff Corley

Trip Info


Today on the ONE MO’R it was a family Affair fishing trip. Departed the dock at 0600 and moved to the gulf to start with catching live bait. After awhile catching bait of cigar minnows and herring. Mark the first-mate on today’s trip explained what we were catching and how we would be using the bait to catch reef fish. Also explained the use of the gear and other cut bait on the boat. We then set out into the gulf about fifteen miles. During our ride out we trolled for King Mackerel and possibly a Wahoo.
Once at our stops the family would drop lines down to try and catch reef fish. We fished many spot and found today the bite was hard to get started. During the stops we caught White Snappers (Red Porgy) Mingo/ Beeliners (Vermillion Snappers)  White Porgy, and King Mackerel all which were keepers. We return to the gulf which were out of season the Red Snappers, Trigger Fish, and Amberjacks. Also which were caught were the Red Grouper and Scamps all which were under sized.
The fishing trip was a success and the family stated they had a great time.
Capt Mac

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